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Ankle clonus, 8 week old (4 weeks adjusted)

Just curious if anyone has a LO who has shown ankle clonus? My son (a twin) is 8 week, 4 weeks adjusted. His is in PT for torticollis, and I mentioned the leg shaking to her. She said it is common in preemies due to an immature nervous system, but definitely something to watch. well that was too vague for me, so of course I consult dr google. Everything I find about it says that it almost always indicates a neurological disorder, likely cerebral palsy. And his shaking is pretty severe, not just one or two beats which makes me more nervous. 

Anyone else have experience with this?? 

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Re: Ankle clonus, 8 week old (4 weeks adjusted)

  • Try not to stress too much about it until there is a reason to! You are already working with a PT, so that's good. Our Anna (26 weeker) exhibits this, but she did have brain bleeding and has large cysts so she is at very high risk for neurological disorders. However, her PT says that the clonus, like other signs she exhibits, is just a sign of where her neurological system is right now. It is no indication of her future capabilities. Hope that helps!

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  • My son has persistent clonus in both ankles as well and of course I made to mistake of googling it even though his PT and pediatrician said they weren't worried about it.. I am still very worried so I made a neurology appt for Aug 27th.. I will let you know what I find out!
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  • My LO is 8 weeks (3 weeks adjusted).  She still has clonus.  I asked her Pediatrician at her well child visit and she said it can be normal until 9 months old.  Don't worry!

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