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I had my baby 4 days ago and have a history of depression. Ever since I came home from the hospital I'm sad and can't stop crying. I'm up every 2-3 hrs to feed baby so I'm tired from lack of sleep. I feel like I lost the independence to do whatever I wanted whether it be getting out of house ect...I'm also sad that my husband is going bk to work on Monday. I know it's the weekend but I feel like I'm losing it, my mom suggested going to urgent care but I don't know what they would even do.feeling lost and confused. 

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    I'm a lurker on this board, but I totally understand how you feel.  I'm two weeks PP and the first week was the worst.  I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep at night, constantly feeding, and housebound due to my c-section recovery.  I cried for hours - literally hours - at a time. My husband is incredibly supportive and basically forced me to sleep, and honestly just getting a couple extra hours of sleep every day has helped.  I also started pumping/formula feeding at night so my hubs could help with the feedings, and that has also helped a lot (though it did take me a couple days to work through the guilt of bottle-feeding).  Do you have anyone who can come over and watch the baby during the day so you can get a little time to yourself?  Make an appt with your OB for next week so you can talk to them about it - they might be able to recommend a therapist or someone else you can talk to.  Good luck and big hugs :)
  • I went to the ER with a bad panic attack being about 8 weeks pregnant with my second son and they prescribed Buspar which helped a lot. So maybe if you go they will also get you started on meds and you will feel better.
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  • I am 9 days PP and also have a history of depression. MH amazingly supportive husband suggested that he would formula feed tonight. I hate that I want to say ok to that. LO only started today with letting us know that he is hungry versus us waking him to eat and I already feel like I can't do it. I then in turn get upset bc all I've been doing since we have been home is crying or just not happy. I have always wanted to be a mother and right now I'm not enjoying it at all. I do have a doc appt Tuesday so this will definitely all be discussed. sorry if this is jumbled... just need to vent
  • This could just be bad baby blues. All these feelings u are having are completely normal at this point. However if these feelings continue for more than a couple weeks it could be PPD which u then need to see the doctor. Drinking lots of water, going for walks and taking b vitamins and 5htp really helped me. You have lost a bit of your independence but it as baby gets older it will come back and you won't feel that way.
    Good luck
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