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Shower decorations for a deck? Other decorative touches or ideas?

My daughter's shower is coming up in June and I'm holding it at a place that has a function room with a large attached deck. I'm hoping to have the whole thing on the deck, weather permitting. The food (a buffet) will be kept inside the room.  The deck has tables with umbrellas. I'm trying to come up with some ways to add decorations or cute displays (the railings are a clear plexi-glass so not sure if something can be hung from them). I'll be adding centerpieces to the tables, but am looking for other little decorative touches that are elegant and cute.
I was thinking of a doing some kind of cute display with outfits that I buy (something on the idea of the clothesline display). Also thought maybe I could do something with books (yes, provided by me). Ideas??? I did consider display baby photos of the mom and dad as babies but there are limited pics of the dad so not sure if it would be fair to do mostly mom pics? Would love some other ideas to make it pretty and girly!
The theme is pink and white and owls.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Re: Shower decorations for a deck? Other decorative touches or ideas?

  • Is there a theme (either for the shower or the nursery)?

    At my wedding, we puts photos of many different guests cutting the cake at their own wedding on our cake table. Maybe you could go that route? Or you could have little framed photos f your daughter at all ages. I personally don't have a problem if the decor focuses soley on the MTB-- she's the guest of honor!

     If you are on Pinterest, you can find a million cute ideas there, too. 

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  • imagechattychiqa:
    You can do DIY poms in your color theme and hang them from inside the frames of the umbrellas... Pretty, customizable, affordable, and weather friendly!

    This or paper owls suspended from the umbrella frames. You could use scrapbook paper in the colors of your theme.

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  • For a bridal shower I threw I made a garland out of hearts I punched out using an embosser puncher. I punched out a whole bunch in various shades of purple and strung them together. You could hang these from the umbrella arms or tape them to the plexi-glass maybe. They came out super cute and were pretty easy to do! If you google "martha stewart owl emboss punch" you can see what I mean about the embosser puncher. And if Martha Stewart makes it, you can probably find it at Michaels!

    Good luck!

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  • Google "girl baby shower" "outdoor baby shower", etc. Click on images.  You'll find tons of cute ideas. 
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  • Super cute baby shower party supplies here I've used:

    Good luck!

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