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What time for a Sunday Birthday party?

What time-ish do people get out of church?  I want to do as early as possible, but have no idea what's reasonable- we are attending a lot of 2:30 pm birthdays, but it seems a bad time to me- they serve pizza and cake, but it's soon after  lunch and too close to dinner. 

My entertainer can only do Sunday, so Saturday is not an option.


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Re: What time for a Sunday Birthday party?

  • I would say 1:00 would be a good time. Some church services don't start until 11:00, so that would give time to go home and change or whatever, but still be within the lunchtime realm.


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  • Spin313Spin313 member
    Most churches in my area have Sunday services at 8am, 10am, and noon.

    I would think 1pm would be reasonable. Is late afternoon an option...like 4pm?

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  • jlw2505jlw2505 member
    We are Jewish but during the school year, the kids have religious school until 11:30.  I would say 12:30 is good and we have been to a few of those.  I would not start any later than 2:30 on a Sunday though as some families have a Sunday dinner tradition or like me, just hate being out on Sunday evenings as I like a calm evening before the week begins.
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  • mgrulkemgrulke member
    We always do a Sunday party we always say party starts at 11:30, food is served at noon.
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  • I'd say 1pm. People can skip going out to eat after church once I would think?

    Also do you have to serve a 'food' like lunch? We've been to a bunch of bday parties lately and it is like 50/50 that serve anything besides cake. 

  • You could do 2:30 and just serve light apps (veggie platter, cheese and crackers, pigs in a blanket, etc) and cake.. Or more like 1pm and do lunch.  

    We are out of church early, by 10:15, but my dad goes to the same church/different service and doesn't get out till 12:30 (which I'd say is average).  

    ETA: I know a lot of my mom friends don't like later Sunday parties bc school is the next day and they have a lot to do Sunday evening. 

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  • We are doing DD's party in July at 2:30.   We will not be serving lunch, but rather cake, fruit salad and cheese/crackers.


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  • Thanks all!  I think I was beating my head against the was worrying about ruining the mealtimes...but an early afternoon with light refreshments and cake should be fine.  I like doing things the most complicated way possible, apparently, but that sounds perfect!
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