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UMD, St Joes, or GBMC?? New to Baltimore

Hi there,

I am new to Baltimore and 10 weeks along. I am not sure where to deliever at? I have an OB at UMD but curious about Saint Joesphs or GBMC. I want an at home/ cushy birthing environment but not doing a natural birth (will be doing an epidural). Basically want a nice room that my husband and I will feel comfortable in. UMD seems very hospital like but also haven't toured the labor and delivery. I guess there is also Mercy. It's really hard to find info on the internet and don't know anyone who has delivered in Baltimore. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!! 

Re: UMD, St Joes, or GBMC?? New to Baltimore

  • I'm delivering my second at Mercy with Kathy Slone and assoc.. Her team is fabulous at treating you like family and respecting your birth plan as closely as possible. Mercy also offers tub birthing and large private birthing suites overlooking the Baltimore skyline.
  • I remember hospital rooms at St Joes not in L&D but elsewhere and I was impressed. Dr Daya is an excellent Dr and he has privileges at both St Josephs and GBMC. I think he prefers GBMC and does most deliveries there, that speaks volumes to me also. I do recall my DH and his ex delivered SD at St Joes schedule C section and he didn't get to see a thing (from what he remembers) that there bothered me, i got the impression they were strict so I would go elsewhere first (I could be mistaken though this is MY feeling)

    I know you weren't specifically asking Dr recs, maybe you could tour both L&D?

  • I cannot speak from personal experience as I am a FTM, BUT I am actually an RN in one of the ICU's at UMMC (UMD).  Although there are many things I love and would recommend about our hospital, L&D is probably not one of them unless you end up being super super high risk.  The nurses, OBs and midwives are wonderful and highly skilled/knowledgeable in obstetrics but there is definitely a focus on high risk patients/patients with lots of comorbidities.  We do have a great NICU.  L&D is a small unit, and the rooms are teeny teeny tiny.  Patient population is a little iffy, very different experience than that of a community hospital.  We are a large university teaching hospital so there will be daily rounds and more than likely (unless you specify otherwise) med student or nursing students around.  One of my co-workers just took a job there, if you want to PM me feel free... I could get back to you once she starts.  I do have a friend who was very high risk and was there for 6 weeks for OB care inpatient before delivering.  I know her experience was good, but also very complicated.  She had a wonderful experience with our NICU. 

    I know the rooms at St. Joe are very nice, and we now own them so they're part of the UMM System but are still a community hospital, probably more the feel you're going for.   My cousin delivered all 3 of her kids there (singleton first and then twins) and had a great experience with both L&D and the NICU at St. Joes. 

    Ditto PP, Mercy is very nice.  The midwives and OB's there are great.  I did clinical time there and I really liked it.  If I lived closer to the city I would probably choose to deliver there.  

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  • GBMC is very cushy...hardwood equip behind art work so you don't see all of that...that being said I've only been in the OR so I am not too sure what the birthing rooms are like-I only recall from our tour that they seemed very nice.  I do know that they don't do water births or any thing like that...I would tour and see which you feel most comfortable at!
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  • FU to the PP, GBMC is definitely "cushy" and home-like. I spent a week there (2 days in L&D, 1 in high risk, and 4 in post-partum). I had wonderful experience and will be delivering LO#2 there in September.
  • I second the recommendation for Mercy - their L&D and mother-baby units are brand new, and wonderful.  The nursing staff we had there were amazing - would highly recommend them!
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  • I had my son at Gbmc. I loved them their. The nurses in the nursery were the greatest. They loved my son and I felt okay when he had to go to the nursery to lay under the lights for his jaundice.
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  • I see Dr Collerius at St Joes and like it b/c it is a small community hospital. They have a 20 bed unit and a lower c-section rate than GBMC. I have worked in both ob areas at both hospitals and would much prefer St Joes. The nurse you have in l/d will be with you through your delivery and then you will move to post-partum where you're nurse will care for both you and your baby. GBMC has a separate nurse for mom and baby. I had both of my children at st joes wasn't pushed into a c-section even though my water had ruptured just over 24 hours before my delivery. They only allow one person in for a c-section and 2 for a vaginal birth. You can keep the baby in the room with you the entire time but may use the nursery if you need some rest. I can't speak for UMD because I have not had any personal experience with them. I think whichever hospital you choose will be fine; good luck and congratulations!!
  • GBMC is amazing! My husband and I were very impressed with everything and recommend without reservation. As other posters have suggested I'd tour the hospitals you're considering and go from there. Best of luck to you!
  • I had a csection at gbmc. Also had an ovarian cyst removed there. Great hospital. Good food and a comfortable room. All around great experiences both times. Make sure you use your lactation consultant and ask yoyr insurance company about getting a pump. obamacare :
  • My vote is for gbmc. Delivered DD there and love them!
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  • Thanks all lots of great information! I switched to GBMC and have my first apt in two weeks. 
  • All children in my family have been delivered at St Joseph.

    Had several bad experiences at GMBC, non-pregnancy related.

  • i gave birth to my son at GBMC and i would recommencd them to anyone i am currently 21 weeks pregnant and i am going to deliver there again. i had an epidural and literally felt no pain during labor. i saw Dr. Issam Daya his office is in towson. the only thing i dont care for about the hospital is the parking and the photography people
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