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Intro...and help me out?

Hi! My name is Kelsey and I'm a liberally-minded Eastern WA transplant. I'm 27 and my daughter Lilly is 15 weeks old. I spend 90% of my time at home, and 10% at work. I want to meet other local mom's for play dates and coffee/kale/sweet tea (take your pick). ;)

I know that there are a lot of Facebook groups that have spawned from other bump boards, and I was wondering if there's a local facebook group in existence. If not, then how are you ladies connecting with other local moms?

 It's so hard to make friends as an adult, and I don't have any friends, on this side of the state, that have kids.


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Re: Intro...and help me out?

  • It's good to know too, that I live in Kirkland.
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  • Welcome! It is really hard to meet people in this area in general and especially as a mom. There are lots of groups on for area moms that do outings. Also Coop preschools often have infant programs for moms and babies and Evergreen Hospital has great parent baby classes that you can attend even if you didn't birth there. Lake Washington Technical College and Bellevue CC both have coop programs. Also PEPS is a good way to meet people. Good luck finding your tribe.
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  • Welcome!  I live in the south end, and baby's still a few months out.  PP had good advice!
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  • Yep check out or your local community center. Libraries also have story time for different age groups, one for under 12 months, 1 year to 3, and so on.

    Welcome! I'm south of Seattle and my son is a beast of a toddler.  

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  • Like others's hard to make friendships out here (easy to meet lots of nice folks...just hard to cement things). Most of my good friends here, I met through common soccer, church, Sounders, etc. I have yet to make any friends through the kids classes we do...everyone is too busy doing their daily schedules.  
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  • PEPS ( really is the best way to find parents at the same stage as you if you have a baby and I know many families continue friendships with those parents for years.

    There are also some great new mom drop-in groups that can be nice for meeting other new moms.   The 4th Trimester (, Early Days (, First Weeks ( weeks.html), and PEPS/PSI (


    Here is a local mom facebook group, but I don't think meetups are very successful, everyone gets busy with their own lives and everyone seems to have kids of different ages. 

  • There is a Secret Seattle Bumpies Facebook group.  There were a lot of mothers from this board that went to that group.  It is kinda complex on how to get in.  They limit the mothers in that group. 

    I am part of the Queen Anne Moms group (they limit the mothers in that group too) and Urban Seattle Parents group.  And there is now a Twirl Cafe Playdate Social Club group. 

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  • Since your in Kirkland have you gone to the baby group classes at the Evergreen Hospital?   I miss those groups and it is so worth going!
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  • Thank you ladies. You were all super helpful. If anyone would like to meet up to get out of the house, let me know. I'm going stir crazy!
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