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Almost walking!! 11 months

LO will be 1 in just 2 more weeks, but he still doesn't seem very interested in walking! I think he is capable, just doesn't want to try. 

I don't want to force him but I do want to encourage him. What is the best way to do that?

He has been cruising for 3+ months, I would say, and crawling since 7 months. And he has even taken 2 solo steps, not in order and he fell down right after lol.

When did your LO start walking?? 

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Re: Almost walking!! 11 months

  • DD started taking steps without holding on to anything about 2 weeks ago and is up to 4 consecutively. I don't know if we really helped at all, but we have been walking with her around the house for about 2 months now (holding her hands up, but letting he
  • DS is one today and still no sign of walking. I think we are still at least another month out but who knows!
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  • My LO started walking today! His bday is next week. He's been cruising for a few months now. And what I think helped was taking him to play dates with walkers! He did not like being left out. 
  • DS has been walking now for 2 weeks, he had 2 walkers that he loved and was practically running with them.  I felt he was getting used to walking with that so I finally took them away and once I did he made more of an effort to walk on his own. &nbsp
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  • DD took her first steps at 11.5 months.  We walked her around holding her hands all the time and got her a push walker.
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  • DD is 9.5 months and she's walking behind push toys.  I'm so scared that she's going to walk for real.  I totally don't understand the desire to rush walking.  I'd be happy if they stayed crawling until atleast 18months.
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    My child was determined to walk.  She constantly worked on it on her own.  Kind of drove me nuts.  She took her official first step at 8 1/2 months.  But, I'd say she was walking very well, and had eliminated crawling all together, by
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