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New Baby in Our House

Hey Ladies!  I know I have been MIA lately.  I needed some space while DH and I figured out our next steps after our foster boys were reunified with their birth family.  While we fully supported this move, we were unsure what route was best for our family (fostering, adopting, trying to get pregnant or getting another dog).  We took our time to make sure we both felt comfortable in our decision.  Ultimately, we decided to put our names on the list for fostering again.  This go-round we were open to 1 child ages infant to two years old.  And we very quickly were placed with a 2 months old little boy, Butter Bean!  

Right now we are battling some medical issues, which has resulted in lots of screaming.. by all of us!  Ha!  But the good news is that everything is expected to clear up with time.  We are looking forward to getting him healthy and enjoying a happy baby!


Here's a picture of Rudy loving on Butter Bean.  There are a few more pictures on my blog if you are interested!

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  • Congrats on the placement!! Hope your little guy is feeling better soon! :-)
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  • That's awesome and happy belated birthday!  Looking forward to hearing how Butter Bean improves with your loving care.

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  • Congrats! Hope you're all on the mend shortly. Rudy seems to like his new brother ;)
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  • Congrats! I hope all health issues get cleared up quickly!

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  • Congrats on your placement, that is so exciting :  )


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  • Congratulations!! That didn't take long! What a cute pic.
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  • Congratulations on your new placement! I admit that I was wondering what you guys would do.

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  • Oh congrats!

    Is it harder or easier fostering a baby vs fostering children? 

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  • imagegreenteabee:

    Oh congrats!

    Is it harder or easier fostering a baby vs fostering children? 

    It is so different that it is hard to compare.  But I think for us this placement is easier compared to our previous placement of a 5yo and 2yo.

    Mentally it is easier because there is only 1 child and his needs are much more simple: feed, keep clean, cuddle, bathe, etc.  With older children, you have all of these needs as well as setting up rules, discipline and demonstrating a safe, structured environment.

    Physically I would say it is a draw.  While we are lacking some sleep now, it is easier for us to take shifts.  Where as we easily felt overwhelmed dealing with both boys (especially in the beginning with behavior issues) when by yourself.  Also, the previous placement require much more energy/attention when they were awake.  Whereas Butter Bean is much more chill.

    Emotionally, I think this placement is going to be harder.  We did not have a super strong attachment to our previous placement.  While we loved them and cared deeply about their best interest they never felt like "ours".  There was always an element of us feeling like we were babysitting.  However, this go round we are consciously focusing on attachment for both ours and Butter Bean's benefit.  Even in a week, I'm already seeing a difference in this placement.  So I think this placement could be a bigger heart break, which sucks but also means there our time together could be more rewarding/cherished. 

  • So cute! Congrats on the placement!
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