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Anyone Get a Fetal Doppler?

I'm 9 weeks and just ordered a fetal doppler...! Anyone else get one and did it work?!
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Re: Anyone Get a Fetal Doppler?

  • I have one from DD1 and I loved it. I started being able to pick up the hb at about 14 weeks. 
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  • I did and loved it! I was always able to find the heartbeat after 12 weeks, sometimes it took awhile. My doc was ok with it and said there was no harm in using it everyday.
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  • If I got one I would just stress myself out if I couldn't find a heartbeat. A few weeks after you can pick up the heartbeat you can feel the movements so I'd rather just go by that. (Even then I freak myself out. Last time I would jiggle my belly to try to wake my daughter up if I couldn't feel her... Maybe that is why she is such a bad sleeper now.. haha)
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  • I'm pretty darn sure I just picked up the heartbeat at 8w6d.... sounded like a galloping horse .
    DD1 born 9.20.13
    #2 due 12.23.17 

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  • I think I would stress myself out more with one!
  • I have the Sonoline b and love it! I have been able to hear the heartbeat each time I've tried since 10 weeks. 
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    BFP #1- 9/16/2012 MMC- 10/24/2012 (8.5 weeks, baby measured 6 weeks 1 day with no heartbeat) D&C-10/30/2012 BFP #2- 12/23/2012 Due 9/5/2013 Please be our rainbow baby!
  • No, but now I want one! Any suggestions on good ones?
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  • Sonoline B. Hands down.

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