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How long?

Hello...How long should a 4 year old be able to play by themselves with their toys? What is age appopriate?

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  • I'd say an hour
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  • Is it a bad thing for your LO to play alone? Do you mean how long does your child play alone or allowed to play alone?

     My DS will play alone for about 30min, with his sister about 1 hr. If he's fine and content he can play all he wants. I don't find it to be a negative thing.

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  • I'd say around 30 minutes.

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  • I'm not sure what the norm is.  My DD hardly plays alone with her toys at all.  She's very playful and imaginative but she wants me to play with her all of the time.  Occasionally she will build with blocks or work on a puzzle for 10-15 minutes on her own, but usually she wants to do pretend play that involves me as a certain character.  On the flip side I have a friend who's 4 year old son will entertain himself all day long, so it varies a lot from kid to kid.
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  • An hour maybe.
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  • My 4 year old will play for an hour or two alone with toys or with his brother. My two year old can play an hour alone. I check on my kids of course. I am surprised at the 30 minute answers. I read, play board games, and wrestle with the kiddos but I don't like to sit and play toys with them.
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