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New job new baby

I just found out I am pregnant and I was just offered my dream job. What should I do? Do I take the job? Do I tell them right away, or wait a while until I tell everyone? Or do I stay at my current job, which pays less and I hate? Help please!! Also can I take maternity leave in 8 months? The prediction is that ill be due in October.

Re: New job new baby

  • Congrats on the offer and the baby.  If I were in your shoes I'd take the job and tell them about the pregnancy when I tell everyone else.  I'm assuming you're planning on going back to work after the baby arrives.
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  • You are pregnant, not terminally ill!  Take the job, and tell them when you tell everyone else.  Then have the baby, go on leave, and have a great job to come back to! 
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  • I just did this too...I told them like 3 weeks after i biggie...they were really happy..CONGATS on everything!! 
  • Thank you I am going for it I will tell then after the first trimester!
  • Thank you so much! I am excited!
  • I completely agree--take the job--but make sure you talk to your employer about your expectations for time off when you tell them. I dont think you'd be covered under any short term disability policies so you may not be able to count on that financially.
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