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we're accepted

Just wanted to share that today we went to speak with our agency and they accepted our application!  Now we just have to wait to take a group class then do the homestudy!  So pumped!  Any good ideas/tips on what to do while we wait a couple of months for our group class?? we're trying to think ahead of what we'll need to do in our home for our homestudy and what kind of documents we'll need to gather, etc. Thanks!

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  • Since I just ran through this for a colleague last night, here's what we needed for our homestudy:

     Forms that were agency provided: 

    Medical Form

    Financial Form

    Adam Walsh Clearance Form

    Fingerprinting form

    Agency Contract

    Criminal Background Check Form


    Adoption Workbook


    Driver's License/SS cards/Health Insurance Card

    Marriage License

    Birth Certificates 

    I think that's all I remember right now...

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  • Great news! I would work on getting pics together for your profile book and start working on whst you want to say. Ours was done before our hs so we could hsve been shown that day. Good luck with everything!

    Ps....make sure you have copies of your birth/marriage certs. We needed 3 each! I had to send away for mine and it took a little over a month. 


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  • Best of luck!
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  • thanks guys for the tips!  We will defiantly get started on the list!  Also for the profile book did your agencies have specific requirements as to what sz it was, how many pages, etc?  I am a photographer and design books all the time, so I'm really excited to get started with this prodject but not sure what specs to follow!
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