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Moving early to give birth with family prior to PCS-ing

So i am 22 weeks as of right now. We are stationed in Tinker AFB, Oklahoma city. Our PCS date is May 14, but my due date May 27.  The problem is that my husband has training in Virgina Beach from May 19-30. We have 30 days of leave, and then on to Washington state.  My Parents live an hour outside of DC in Virgina. I leave Oklahoma city in March, so not only will I not have my husband at the birth ( which is fine ) but i am unsure of what i need to do. I understand that i will be changing doctors, and i have the hospital that i will be attending choosen. I have checked to make sure they take tricare, but what if i need a New PCM? i am not going to be near the base we are stationed at and we are going to be in transit after that. I am going to be close to 30 weeks or so when i leave, but i am not sure what all needs to be done. So are they any Military Wives out there who left early before a PCS to give birth, then PCS-ed to their respective duty stationed.


Re: Moving early to give birth with family prior to PCS-ing

  • I think you need to call Tricare.  Once you move you'll change your Tricare location and can get a new PCM that way, then a referral to an OB.  However, they don't like you travelling past a certain point.  My OB told me 28 weeks, so I moved my PCS up by a month, but maybe that's just her?  Anyway, call Tricare.
  • Something to consider, even though you may chose to leave your current duty station right now, they will only PCS you from there, not from where you end up staying while DH is gone.  So that portion would be a DITY move.

    Just something to think about- but you should be able to change providers really easily.  How close are your parents from an MTF? If you are close enough, they would probably ask you to use that, but if there is not one local, you would be able to pick your Dr as long as they took Tricare and you shouldn't have an issue. I agree, just call Tricare and explain, they will be able to explain it best.

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  • I don't really think the whole PCS situation really matters.  As long as you are still married, it doesn't matter where you are getting your care vs. where your DH is stationed.  If your parents are near an MTF, Tricare will send you there.  If they are not, you will be able to switch to Tricare Prime Remote which means full coverage at network civilian hospitals.  Tricare will tell you which you will need to go to when you call.  

    I was on Tricare Prime Remote while DH was deployed during the second half of my pregnancy and I was living with my parents.  I got to go to a civilian OB and deliver in a civilian hospital - all covered 100%.  I thought it was great.  Tricare loves paperwork, but besides that, it was easy.

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  • Not quite the same situation, but I moved back home while DH deployed. I believe Tricare wants you to update them if you will be somewhere for longer than 30 days. So you'll definitely need to change to whatever region you are going to be in.

    Also, when you switch Tricare regions, you'll get a new PCM. I don't have experience with how they handle that when you don't live near an MTF since my parents live near one and I just went there.

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