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I'm willing to try anything to help our bedtime routine, so does anyone have a sound machine rec?  Did it help your Lo?  I'm confused about when to turn it on, while she's falling asleep or just when I put her in the crib?

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  • We have a "my baby" soundspa lullaby.  It also has a projection screen so if she wakes up early she can entertain herself for a few mins by looking at the light. We leave it on all night and turn on when she is drowsy.
  • We have this same one and LOVE it!
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  • We have an homedics sound spa that we got off Amazon. I also have a little homedics sound machine that is about the size and shape of a baseball that we take in the diaper bag with us. Neither of them have a shut off time but they both have a timer that you can set to turn off at a certain point.
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  • We have a Homedics cool mist humidifier that also has a sound machine on it with 4 different sounds.  It plugs in so we leave it on all night.  I turn it on when I take him in there for bed time and I nurse him to sleep.
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  • I use a white noise app on my phone.  I turn it on when I am getting her ready for bed. 
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  • We have the Homedics sound machine from Target and use the ocean sound. Its amazing! We turn it on before they fall asleep.
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    I use a white noise app on my phone.nbsp; I turn it on when I am getting her ready for bed.nbsp;

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  • We got the graco sound machine from walmart and it's awesome. It's made for babies and it will play white noise all night. It also can do nature sounds or heartbeat. It has lullabies as a choice too or you can also plug in your MP3 player. It has a built in night light you can turn on and off as well.
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