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Food to eat

Are there any food/drinks i should avoid? My LO is now 10.5 weeks old and I EBF her. I drink at the most 1 cup of caffeine a day which is usually coffee or tea. I keep my shrimp intake to maybe once every 2-3 weeks. I havent eaten sushi yet, but I like subs with pepperoni and cheese or turkey and cheese.  Can I have that?  

Re: Food to eat

  • You can eat whatever you want. Just watch her for any signs of gassiness.  The only thing I avoid is spicy food.  They say broccoli can cause gas so I try to avoid that too but I don't eat it all that much anyway.
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  • Feta. Nothing less than a thumbnail full.



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  • Why are you avoiding seafood and sushi?  Eat up.
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  • I worry about the mercury in seafood. 
  • Why should I avoid feta? what about bluecheese dressing? I just have this craving for subs :)
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