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Update: Saw my doc today

I have to say I love my doctor, and I'm so glad I found him when I had my first child. First thing he did when he came into the room today was give me a hug. He was on vacation like 6 states away when I had my miscarriage and surgery this weekend. He didn't know it happened until the other day. 

 He was great talking with me about everything and how I feel. And he was very reassuring. I posted the other day about a doc telling me to wait a year and I thought that was insane. My real doctor told me no I don't have to wait that long. He said there isn't really any science to back up waiting a certain amount of time before ttc again. He said every doctor will tell you different because when they were in med school that's what they used to preach to you, but things are different today or something like that. 

Basically he said I'm allowed to ttc as soon as I ovulate again, whether that is two weeks from now or longer. So when ever I feel ready to try I can. That my body won't release an egg unless my body is ready and able to be pregnant again. Obviously I'm not going to be like honey it's been two weeks let's do this thing! lol But it really made me feel better that I don't have to put my life on hold for a whole year. He also said that waiting wouldn't make a difference on a person's chances of miscarrying. Whether I try in a month or a year the chances would be exactly the same. That part doesn't necessarily make me feel that great, but I think it calms my nerves about the thought of trying again. At least I know it won't be because of the timing. 

I don't want to wait very long, because just like all the ladies here I want another child and I want to grow my family. I've always wanted to be a mother. The thought of having to wait would be more depressing and the thought of giving up would devastate me even more. I feel like the only way for me is to keep trying until hopefully I get what I want so desperately. As long as I have hope that I will one day have another child, I feel like that hope is what will carry me through it all.  

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Re: Update: Saw my doc today

  • Oh, I am so glad you had the chance to see him. That all sounds so reassuring.

    That other doc needs to stop freaking people out with his "wait a year" talk. Confused



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  • Lol yes he does!! He was so great with me while I was there though. He is a great doctor, but there is no way I would want to wait that long. 
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  • I am so glad that you have a great doctor!  Sometimes they are hard to find!

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  • I am glad you got better news today! I was freaking out about two months, I can't imagine if they told me to wait a year! I am glad you have such a great doctor.

  • It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor.  I'm glad you had a good appt!

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  • That sounds like a good appointment and your doctor sounds great.  I'm glad your got some clear answers!
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  • Thats wonderful news. We need as much news as we can get dont we! Im so glad your dr put your fears to rest and you have a silver lining now :)
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