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Christmas Presents

What are you getting/have you gotten for the kids this year? I haven't started yet. I need to get on the ball just in case bed rest is headed my way again.  

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  • First of all, Congratulations!

    We are almost done with Christmas gifts for the kids and have done most of it on-line. So if you have Amazon Prime or a Target Card you can do some great shopping with free shipping even if you do (hoping you do not) have to go on bed rest.

     For Cadence:

    Ariel Toddler doll from Target on-line

    Madagascar 3- from Amazon

    She will also probably also get some art supplies and clothes

    For Trevor:

    We bought the sesame street set from Costco that has Hooper's store and all the characters..we're taking it back though.

    We decided on the Fischer Price ramp racer and an extra set of 4 race cars- all from Amazon

    He will probably get a book and some clothes too.

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  • We are doing the Want Need Wear Read thing this year...


    Want- Bike

    Need- Cuckoo Clock (this is also a "want" but we'll call it educational)

    Wear- Incredibles Shirt (Daddy has one and he wants one too)

    Read- Tag Reader and Books (this is a combo for Sophie too)



    Want- Baby doll stuff (bed, bottle, carseat, etc)

    Need- Big Girl Bed (sniff sniff)

    Wear- Yo Gabba Big Girl Panties

    Read- Tag Reader Books






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  • I am almost positive we are doing the need, want, read, wear thing too. I am not sure what I am buying though. Ugh! I need to start making a list.
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  • I just bought the big items today:
    Alec is getting a Tabeo Tablet, along with a set of beyblades and stadium, books, and a Star Wars Lego set

    Aerin is getting the princess leap pad 2, princess Ariel doll, books, and set of Legos
  • So far L is getting the disney cinderella dvd, a leap pad, and some socks.

    P....not so sure.  We already have all the major equipment and toys in his age group that we have passed down from L.

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  • Not sure. I'm going to to hit the postHalloween sales and get dress up clothes, also thinking about big girl bedding, and a toy chest all in the cheap, if course. She also wants a puppet stage, but Will wants to try to build one with her. She needs some clothes and she want some Disney prince dolls. This is just ideas I'm throwing around, not getting her everything, of course.
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  • we haven't started presents...only stocking stuffers.  but we are leaning toward:

    for jax - the hex bug a ramp/city and a couple more bugs

    cooper - a home depot work bench 


    also - movies and books

    and they are both getting a new measuring tape in their stocking.  this basement build out has them a little obsessed :)

  • G: Books, bicycle, games and puzzles.

    C: Books, push truck and car, other random toys. Keeping it low-key 'cause he's only 1-year-old. :) 

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  • Jack is getting a big Lego set, a Nintendo 3DS, Nerf gun, DVD, playdoh and a baseball cap.

    Ethan is getting an art table, art supplies, puzzles, a board game, and a drawstring cinch sack for soccer.   

    Lauren is getting a play kitchen, play food, a Disney princess Little People castle, a Minnie Mouse playset, LeapFrog Fridge Phonics, Cinderella DVD, and toddler art supplies. 

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  • Haven't started. For sure we're getting a tricycle for Adrian, but haven't thought about other gifts. 

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