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Sleep issues

I usually try to have my DS in bed by about 8. He nurses to sleep and falls asleep quickly, but after about 2-3 hours he wakes up and there's nothing I can do to get him back to sleep! I try to keep him in bed, but he gets fussy, crawls towards the edge of the bed, and honestly just has a tantrum. We finally have to get up and read a few books and play for about an hour then he will go back to sleep without a fight and sleep for 10+ hours. I have tried shortening his afternoon nap, pushing back bedtime, having an earlier bedtime, waking him up early in the morning, changing his routine in every way I can think but he does it every.single.night! Any suggestions? I feel awful having him awake at midnight! 
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Re: Sleep issues

  • Is he getting up for the day at 10am? If that's the case it seems like he's treating that 8pm sleep like a nap, not bedtime.

    In terms of waking him up earlier, how many days did you try that for?

    It could be that that is his rhythm. Does it affect you at all? is it ok for you to be up at midnight?

    If you really want to change it, I'd stick with waking him up. Or I'd just go with it.

    having said all of that, how old is he? 

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  • If you ask me, I think you have a pretty good deal! Why do you want to change? Do you have to get up early? If you really have to change, I'd do what PP suggested and just keep trying. Be persistent. But I bet there are a lot of moms out there who would love 10 hours of sleep! I would love it if I could get just 5 contiguous hours of sleep!
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  • imageKateLouise:

    Is he getting up for the day at 10am? If that's the case it seems like he's treating that 8pm sleep like a nap, not bedtime.

    I think this is probably what's going on.  His 8pm sleep has become a nap.  If you really want to change it, either put him down earlier and earlier (10 minute increments) until this sleep merges with the afternoon nap and/or get him up a bit earlier. 

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  • Thanks for the info! Yes, he usually wakes up for the day at 10am-ish then takes 2 short naps throughout the day. I love sleeping in until 10 but I feel bad having him awake so late at night. Today we skipped the 5 o'clock nap and he fell asleep by himself at 730... Maybe this will jump start a better schedule! 
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  • Wow! 10 hrs of continuous sleep, sounds like a bliss :) 

    Your most recent change sounds promising though. Moving to 7:30 and much earlier could help with his midnight waking up. You just need to keep trying and keep his schedule consistent once it is set.

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