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car seat check on post?

Is there anywhere on post that will check to make sure we have our car seat installed properly? We're stationed in Germany so we can't just go to the local fire station. 

I was thinking maybe the MP Station or possibly ACS?  

Re: car seat check on post?

  • Our clinic has a couple of certified car seat technician.  Also, you might want to call the fire department on post.  Our MP station doesn't do them, but ACS here used to have them.  We are stationed in Hohenfels.
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  • That or calll the hospital and ask them.  They should have a list or knwo who does them.
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  • Loss Prevention people at the Exchange are also safety people. You can always ask and see if they will check it for you. The fire station is also a good bet.
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  • We go to the fire stations, and sometimes the hospital checks, but I think it depends on what post.


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