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Dairy sensitivity and alternative milk

DD's eczema flairs with cows milk and when she was 2 weeks old it cause terrible GI effects (gas, bloating, mucousy poops).  I eliminated it from my diet from 2wks until just recently (9 1/2 mo) I thought I would try it and see if it still bothered her.  So far so good after 3 weeks of a small amount of dairy back in my diet.  I wasn't planning on testing dairly directly in DD until after a year but she just happened to snag a small chunk of cheese of DH's plate.  Her eczema was pretty bad after that but no GI effects.   

My question:  after 1 year, daycare won't feed kids breastmilk. They will allow different types of milk (other than cow).  What and when should I try her on milk other than bmilk?  Should I try soy (I've read a lot of dairy sensitive are also sensitive to soy) or almond etc?  Anyone with experience in this? 

Thanks for your input!!


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Re: Dairy sensitivity and alternative milk

  • We serve coconut milk.  Its fat most closely resembles the fat in breast milk, but the US recognizes it as a tree nut, so talk to your allergist regarding his/her philosophy in that regard. 

    Hemp is another good alternative.  Lower in protein but HIGH in Omega 3s.  Like, full RDV in a single serving.  At our markets, hemp is the most expensive.

    Rice is the least likely to be an allergen, but it's really high in sugar and lacking in protein.  

    Almond milk has the least sugar.  BUT, it also is lower in calories than most of the alternatives. 

    Soy is also really good in terms of nutrition, but I have boys and soy is an estrogen replacement.  I didn't want to make their main source of calories an estrogen replacement when we use small amounts of soy elsewhere in our diet.  

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  • I second coconut milk. Also you could do a no milk policy while at school and use breastmilk up at home. 
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  • We do almond milk and our pedi isn't concerned with the lower calorie count as long as DD is gaining weight well. So far we haven't had any issues and she loves her milk.
  • The official rec as per our Dietician is breast milk or formula until 2 if they can't do dairy. None of the alternative milks are adequate. I would either get a note and continue breast milk or use hypoallergenic/elemental formula.
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  • We kept our son on formula, until almost 2 (neocate jr), and now we are switching to hemp milk. Good luck!
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