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Please Touch Museum for 14 month old

Is it appropriate, or would she enjoy it more when she's a little older? Any other ideas of things to do? I have a day off next month and wanted a mommy/daughter day. We did the aquarium on her birthday and she liked it. I'd love to do the zoo, but we're going to wait until the fall when the weather isn't so hot.
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Re: Please Touch Museum for 14 month old

  • I think as long as she can walk she'll be fine. They have things for smaller children to do. I think the best times to go are in the morning or a couple hours before  B/c it can be a mad house similar to my personal hell chuckie cheese.
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  • Thanks! She's walking, but not that great. I really want to take her to the zoo- that's my favorite place! I'll just have to see what that day looks like. Guess if it's not nice, we'll go to the aquarium again and save Please Touch for when she's a little older.
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  • We took our 15-month-old just a few weeks ago -- she cannot walk yet and in fact just started crawling with belly off the ground.

    Most of the museum is for older kids. They do have a handful of areas just for 1-3's, and she liked these, especially the one in the Alice in Wonderland area -- she crawled onto a boat and "drove it" and also enjoyed crawling into the little castle there.

    She also rode her first merry-go-round, which she seemed to enjoy.

    It is expensive, so if you have the cash, I would say try it. If you're more on the budgeting side, I would say wait until your child is maybe 2.

    We won't go back until probably 2.

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  • I just took my three year old and she loved it. Honestly? I'd wait until they are 2 or more. I think they'll enjoy it even more. 
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  • I had the same question about my 14 month old, and we were considering a membership to give the nanny a place to take her (we spend a LOT of time at the mall and park b/c she is easily bored at home). What we did was try it out on one of the 'Target 1st Wednesdays', which are only $2 from 5-7pm. My daughter loved it and we did end up buying a membership and have been back several times since; but if you're unsure if your daughter would like it, the August one is coming up soon, you could try it out and see!
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  • The Please Touch Museum is free every first Wednesday of each month from 5 to 7pm. You can try it out for free! Also the Franklin Institute is free every third Wednesday of each month from 5 to 8pm. They are both a part of Target's Community Night. 

  • That sounds great! Thanks!
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  • I'm planning on taking my 14 month old in the next couple weeks.. so I will let you know!
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