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DS sleeps on his face! Ughh! What to do!?

My 6 month old is put to sleep on his back every night like I"m supposed to be within 3 seconds of being put down he is on his tummy, butt in the air, knees up under him and forehead resting on his hands-face down!!  This scares the crap out of me but I don't know what to do about it! I roll him over and he either refuses to roll over so that I have to literally lift him up and put him on his back and/or he immediately rolls right back the same way.  Does anyone else's kid do this?  I keep hearing htat SIDS could be connected with babies rebreathing the carbon dioxide they exhale and this seems like a pretty good way to do that.  I read the study about keeping a fan going to circulate the air and I try to make sure he sleeps with a paci since those two lower SIDS risk but still-I don't get much sleep b/c I'm constantly worrying if he's breathing or not.  Suggestions welcome!  (And no, he won't cooperate with a sleep positioner unfortunately.)
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Re: DS sleeps on his face! Ughh! What to do!?

  • DS has been sleeping on his tummy since he was 4 weeks old.  At first, it freaked me out, but it was the only way he would sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. 

    I think they tell you that once they can pick up their heads & roll over, you shouldn't worry about it.

  • Is he able to roll over. If so, he is fine!
  • DS does this also and if I try to reposition him he goes right back.  He started doing this around 3 months or so and led us to getting an Angelcare monitor.  It was the only was I'd feel comfortable at night.  However, at that age, DS had a hard time rolling back over or turning his head side to side.  At 6 months your son should have no problem with those skills.  The fan and pacifier are a good idea and hopefully he outgrows this soon.  We still use our Angelcare monitor although we probably don't need it.

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