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Hi everyone,

Just found out that we'll be expecting our first child in February and am VERY excited and nervous about this.  Looking to connect with other moms and mom's to be in southern NH.. Also, wondering if anyone has any insight or feedback on either delivering at CMC or the Elliot?? 

Thanks :)

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  • My sister delivered at the Elliot a few years ago and liked it. I don't know anything at all about CMC when it comes to delivering there, but if their staff is as awesome in that ward as the ladies and gentleman that I had for LNA's and nurses when I had emergency surgery last August, they'd win me in a heartbeat! My OB is out of Nashua, so I'm likely looking at a hospital in that general direction, though. 

    Glad to see another Feb mom-to-be :)

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  • I had a horrible experience w/ the Elliott... I don't think it was much the hospital but the Doctor. Even my mother told him to get the F out of the room cause he was very cold and uncaring (this was during my loss with twins at 23 weeks) Though the nurses did hold my hand and cry for me as I went thru 51 hours of labor knowing the dreaded outcome.

    I delievered my son at Parland in Derry... and this one I am thinking of doing the same. they were so nice and helpful.

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  • AnjaOAnjaO member

    SockMonkey, what practice were you with?  I didn't like the doctor who delivered my son, but liked all the other doctors in the practice (Bedford Commons).  I think he was mad at me because I declined induction at 41 weeks.

    The nurses at the Elliott were awesome.  Overall, I'm very happy with my experience there.  I have also heard very good things about CMC.

    I think that for routine birth, small hospitals can have some advantages.  I'm in the Upper Valley now and am planning to eschew DHMC for APD for my next birth, a tiny little hospital with really homey atmosphere and that offers pre- and post-partem massages :)

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