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Cloth Diaper Trial

For those of you ladies that have been talking about cloth, I LOVE this trial.  I took the suggestions that other's gave me and did this trial with my first DS and found what worked for us.

Just wanted to share! =) 

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Re: Cloth Diaper Trial

  • Our plan (for our some day baby) is to do prefolds exclusively.  I know if I got a diaper trial, I'd become enamored with all of the fancy flips and AIOs and pockets.  And then buy a ton of them.

    Must stay away from shiny, expensive things.

    The word you're looking for is SEX.  I promise.  No, it's not gender.  It's sex.  You're welcome.
  • I did the Modern Cloth trial. It was for three months but we only got about a month's worth out of them, because the pee volume got too big for the newborn sizes to handle :) Still useful because it confirmed my suspicion that we're an AIO family - we both liked them best. 

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  • I'm planning on trying that trial too! Looks like a great program!
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  • Ohh, I hope this (or something like it) is around when we eventually get to that point! What a great offer!
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