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actual or adjusted age?

growth spurts? i keep reading about 3 week, 6 week growth spurts (and more..) mine is 1 month actual (see sig for adjusted) but i don't remember her acting differently last week. do growth spurts occur at actual or adjusted age?
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Re: actual or adjusted age?

  • I think it happens around their adjusted age.  Don't forget every baby, wether preemie or not is different and hits milestones at different times.  I also found that her growth spurts were subtle and I didn't realize they had happened until the next week.
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  • At first it was both actual and adjusted.  Then adjusted and now actual again. 
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  • I always went by adjusted, but I think she usually averaged between actual and adjusted.  As BK said, it's so different for each kiddo, even FT ones.  
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  • It was adjusted for a while - now he's starting to have more milestones at actual. There's a range around that time set for a milestone, though, so I think with a late term preemie you'll probably be closer to actual (give or take).

    Hope you get these comments! 

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