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Birthday Thank You Notes

DD recently turned 4 and I've got to get her thank you notes out from her party.  Do you generally write the notes like they are from her or from you?  As in either, "thank you so much for my barbie doll.  I play with her every day and love brushing her hair" or "thank you so much for the barbie you gave to DD on her birthday.  She plays with it ever day and loves brushing the doll's hair"

I've done both in the past and neither feels quite right to me.  But I've been thinking that now that she can write her name, I can write in her voice and have her sign her name on each card.



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Re: Birthday Thank You Notes

  • I do the cards as if DD is writing them and she signs her name.  Also. for the card itself - for her friends, I print the group shot of all the kids from the party and use the back as the TYN and for the family, I print a cute pic of DD from her birthday (for my DD's #4 a few weeks ago we got a great one of her at her party with her cake) and I make it a postcard TYN.  So easy and a great way to share.  I have had a lot of parents tell me how much they love the group shot.  I have done this for both girls for years now.
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  • I say send it as if it is from her.
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  • Every time I have to write thank you notes for my kids I debate whether to do them as if they are from the kids or me.  I usually end up doing the cards as if they are from me and it does seem a bit awkward.  I've received thank you cards both ways, I think either is fine.  I like the idea of writing as if it's from your daughter and having her sign her name.
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  • Just like PPs, we do it in her voice. I try to have her sit with me and say what I'm writing. I'll also ask her what she likes about the toy that we can add. When possible, she also hand delivers them. Involving the kids as much as possible helps confirm to them the expectation that this is their responsibility and something they need to keep up.
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  • Per Emily Post's Etiquette book you would write the notes for them saying thank you for what they you gave DD... until they are old enough to write them themselves. If she can write her name she can write it after you sign it or you can sign it with your name and then have her write her name so: Thanks, Mom & LO

    The other thing that you can do which is what we do since my LO's can't write yet is have them color/scribble on the other side of the card or include a paper that they have colored on. Everyone always say that they like to see what they colored on the cards.


  • I write my cards as if I were DD and then I have DD draw on each card. Last year it was literally a line that she drew, this year she can draw smiley faces :)

    The important part is that a) the gift-givers are properly thanked and b) your child is involved in the thank-you note process so he/she understands that it's all about.


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    I write in her voice, often saying what she says or incorporating what she says.  Like "thank you so much for the bicycling Barbie.  I was very concerned Barbie did not have a helmet and wasn't safe at first but then I saw it." or "thank you so much for my ballerina doll.  I love her very much and want to give you a big hug."  She signs her name to each card.

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