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31 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to Week 31!

Welcome to Week 31 of your pregnancy! Chat with other Week 31 Bumpies here. 

Re: Welcome to Week 31!

  • So are any other week 31 bumpies having as much trouble getting comfortable at night as I am?



  • I sure am! I have been miserable these last few nights! Not much sleep going on for me. I suppose that is a good thing to get used to!
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  • My biggest complaint about getting comfortable is the same complaint I've had from the beginning... I can't get good sleep because I'm still having get up to pee 3-5 times a night. I have been using the restroom so much this whole pregnancy that I really had myself convinced that I had gestational diabetes, which, as it turns out, I don't have.  Apparently this little guy is just sitting on my bladder.  :)
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  • Yes aside from not being able to find a suitable position with all the weight I have been having excruciating hip and pelvis pain. Doc says a hormone loosens the ligements to alow hips the ability to be flexible during birth, well apparently mine went to early and way to far. So I have unstable hips and the pain is really a bit much. It doesn't only effect me at night, but night time is one of the worst. This is baby #4 for me and I think I would take the labor over this crap.
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  • Getting comfortable and staying asleep are definitely hard. I have a body pillow and even to roll over in my sleep is a huge production. I feel like I'm wrestling a crocodile. Long car rides are getting uncomfortable too, but other than that I've been feeling great. Can't believe there are only 9 weeks to go.
  • yes i be very uncomfortable at nite heartburn and back pain headaches and so on
  • Things are getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. Glad I only have 9 more weeks to go. I don't get much sleep...my doctor actually told me to start taking Unisom at night to help me sleep. I haven't taken it yet, but will probably start. Another random thing that has happened is some of my "morning" sickness has come back. It isn't bad; I just get nauseas every now and again...very strange, but common. I'm not feeling terrible, but wish I had my energy back. Hope you ladies are feeling great.
  • yes I can not get comfortable at all!! up to pee a million times and turning all over the place. I am a a belly and back sleeper and i cant do either lol
  • hi, I'm only 30 1/2 weeks along and i have the same problem! this is also #4 for me, and I am just counting the days until labor begins. I think it will be a welcome relief! 
  • Wow.. Yeah, I can't sleep much because I toss & turn. I go to sleep on my left side, then switch to my right.  Then I am on my back by morning and sometimes I wake up at 2-3 am to use the restroom,sometimes 6am. My poor hubby, he always has to rub my back because it hurts, but we're very excited for our son, he is our 1st baby and we cant wait<3Big Smile
  • This is my first too, my poor hubby does the same thing for me. I feel so bad for  keeping him up all the time. Some times he gos to bed at eight  pm just to he can get some sleep.
  • YES! Soooo glad to see everyone else is the same boat. I'm starting to feel grumpy due to my lack of sleep. Trying to get comfortable takes forever and then I only sleep a couple hours before my body wakes up asking to be moved into another position. Aaargh! And I'm a back and tummy sleeper so trying to sleep on just my sides is challenging. Whew!

     This is my dh and I's first child so we're looking forward to her arrival.

     Is anybody else having problems with their feet swelling? Mine receive the over achievers award at the end of the day.

  • Yes, Week 31 is here and sleep is as elusive as ever, just can't seem to find a comfortable position.No space for food either. Oh Gosh!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just can't find a comfortable position. Its driving me crazy and keeping me tired!
  • I can't get comfortable either! My heartburn is the worst. That's what keeps me up most nights. I have to sleep in a more sitting position than I am used to and that doesn't bode well for a good night's sleep. That and having to pee often. And my belly feeling like a lead weight. Oh and the congestion/stuffiness of my sinuses. 

    Man this list just keeps getting longer and longer! :) 

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  • I can swear by Unisom.  My doctor said I could start taking it after having so much trouble sleeping.  It has been heavenly!  I think it's the 25 mg size. 
  • Yes but I bought a huge maternity pillow that surrounds my whole body and its wonderful....
  • Happy 31 weeks everyone!  Today marks the 60 days remaining mark for me!!!!  My shower is next weekend and I am excited to finish getting the little mans room ready. 
  • 31 Weeks down 9 weeks to go... I can't believe it. This pregnancy has flown by so quickly. We are in the home stretch and I still feel like there is so much to do. I am getting so excited about meeting my little bundle of joy. this month we did the 3D sono and it was amazing. She looked adorable and we were able to get so many GREAT pictures!

    Symptoms: Tired, lots of swelling at the end of the day, I can really feel the stretching now, turning ALOT during the night, and HEART BURN. Other than that I feel pretty darn good and I have really enjoyed this pregnancy!

    Wishing everyone a GREAT rest of their pregnancy :) 

  • I have the worst heartburn and can't get comfortable in bed!  But only nine weeks left to go!  So excited!
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  • I have no trouble sleeping ..I have to sit on the arm of our easy chair and rest my arms on the backrest for comfort and have started to drop off to sleep in that position. Exercise really helps with that though...I ran a 5k Thursday for our Corporate Run and slept as good as the baby that night..woke up early before work and did regular exercise incl treadmill for another 1.5 mile. Keeping a consistent cardio and weight training routine  along with prenatal vitamins and a  heathy diet with humongous salads as the first course and lots of fiber for breakfast/snacking has kept me back-pain-free , nausea-free, sleeping well, and "regular".  In fact I feel better than before I was pregnant because I'm more health-focused and not taking extra vitamins and supplements or drinking alcohol (except red wine).  Cant wait til tomorrow for the ultrasound to see the little guy. He seems to only get restless when I sit down and stop running around..Lol In yoga he was quite the gymnast...

  • 31 weeks!


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  • Soooooo happy to be at 31 weeks and 1 day!!!! 8 more weeks to go!!!


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  • Whoo! 31 weeks! Today does mark that I have 60 days left! 2 months and my baby Maya will be in my arms! This pregnancy has been amazing to me even though I'm on bed rest! I have not gotten any pregnancy symptom no morning sickness nothing till 2 days ago I got heartburn and I have leaky boobs... but that's about it! 
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  • I too have the body pillow, lol and it also feels like I am wrestling with someone (the pillow) everytime I have to roll over, ughh it's so annoying.  The back pain and the hip pain make it so hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, and it's just going to get worse.  It will be all worth it in the end, I know, but til then ugh it's miserable.
  • what would be a great position to sleep????? i only get 2-3 hrs of sleep
  • Hi

    I suffer from all what I read but I found out that walking for an hour before sleep, going to the restroom and a hot shower will make sleeping more comfortable. My doctor gives me nothing I still have pimples and partly swollen vagina and lately I have numbness in my whole right arm and constantly in my right hand. When I asked my doctor she said we cannot do anything about ! I am from the middle east married to an American so I m still trying to adopt. But the fact that having no friends and failing the driving test for unfair reasons, while I live in a rural place, make things even harder on me. I wish things get better and I wish I can even go back for a visit my country at least I will find some support.

  • I've been having a hard time sleeping and have had horrific heartburn. But other than that, I'm feeling pretty good! Why do PP's tickers say they are over 40 weeks PG? I wonder if mine will show up that way when I post as well (I'm only 31w1d).

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  • Yep...I have the hardest time sleeping. Also I am getting HORRIBLE leg cramps. Doesn't help that my husband and I are moving in a couple of weeks and we are have been packing non stop! Good luck and I wish you good sleep! 

  • i have pain in middle of the stomach


  • Take it easy dont overwork your self you could find yourself goin into pretermed labor like idid .!
  • Yes! I am. I can't find a comfortable position, and once I finally do, I have to get up to pee again. I got a pregnancy pillow called The Bean, which is helping at least a little with my hip pain during the night.
  • I am now averaging about 2-3 hours of sleep a night!  It is awful!  My doc just keeps telling me it is fairly normal.  I think I'm gonna get more sleep once the baby is here.
  • I have been okay sleeping so far. My body pillow has been the best thing,the only problem is my nose gets stuffy at night. Otherwise I am feeling great...Party!!!
  • yes im right there with you.. sleep deprivation is not the deal.. not to mention my nesting stage has kicked in early, I say early because im only about 31 weeks along, but who knows maybe this is when it should be starting.. I have also been

    dealing with some anxiety issues, most being of the baby's movements, they are not as regular or consistent as before, I hate this agony of worries.. But I pray every night for a healthy beautiful baby.. Hope this helps Big Smile

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm 31 weeks pregnant and had an ultra sound the other day and my doctor said that my baby is 2lb 14oz. I was just wondering what all of you thought of it. Should i be scared that he is such a little peanut right now?

  • God knows I am. I wake up my man, its only fair since it's his baby too 
  • Yes, it gets very irritating at night. Especially using the bathroom and just feeling like you  can't breath. I can't wait to meet my little prince!
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