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  • I am having such a difficult time getting comfortable as well and the waking up every few hours to pee is the worse. My allegies and sinuses have suddenly started to bother me over the last week and its like I cant even breathe at night so when its time to wake for work in the morning I am so exhausted. Luckily my job understand I have been making it in at 830am instead of 730am. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible leg cramps as well last night and to top it off I am still vomitting. Pregancy hasnt been very kind to me. On the bright side only 9 weeks left.
  • Wow! One more week and I'll be 8 months along! I can't believe it. I really can't. This has been a relatively smooth pregnancy though not without its symptoms: exhaustion, bloody noses, weird dreams, acne, occasional leg cramps, peeing constantly, boobs growing a cup size, headaches here and there, spotting once, red marks on the face (like spider veins near the surface), moderate weight gain, a little finger swelling, hair loss, a touch of nausea, cravings (sugary or certain fruits or certain fish), vision issues, back aches, Braxton Hicks contractions...um...yeah, when I write it all out (and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some) it looks like I'm going through hell. But I'm not. Never had morning sickness (the nausea lasted 2 weeks and it was never enough to make me vomit), never had total food aversions, the hair grew back thicker and healthier (and sometimes in weird places), no linea negra yet, no stretch marks just yet (though I anticipate them), no leaking boobs (once again, YET), no itching stomach (hence lack of stretch marks), no ankle swelling as of yet, minor constipation, no major health issues like high blood pressure or high sugar or low iron, etc. So I feel pretty blessed actually. Hopefully soon I will have another u/s to check baby. So far my measurements are right on the nose according to my dr. So hopefully she's a healthy size and looking good. 
  • I really shouldn't complain as I feel like I have had it easy but the last 2 weeks it's getting harder. I can't focus to safe my life at work and I am exhausted all day - until it comes time to go to bed. Then I am up cooking,cleaning and doing laundry. I have also become really sensitive to peoples comments the last 2 weeks and my face has broken out....oh well! Very excited to welcome this lil lady into our lives!
  • Sorry to hear that everyone is uncomfortable. I am feeling pretty rested. I bought a body pillow but found that my king size feather pillows work and feel more comfortable between my knees and under my belly. I do get up in the middle of the night about 2 or 3 times but I found that a night light in the bathroom works very well because I don't have to turn on the lights and I can go back to sleep so much faster.
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