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What was your first job?

I worked at IHOP. I worked the 6 at night till 6 in the morning shift on the weekends. Oh my goodness the drunk people that would come in there were hilarious.

We also use to smoke weed in the cooler and we always said the milk shake machine was broken because they were a pain in the butt to make.


Also: Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? I think you can tell a lot about a person from who they pick.

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Re: What was your first job?

  • Blockbuster, I hated my boss and the whole emphasis on selling stuff rather then helping customers. I would never go there now.

    My favorite turtle is Leonardo since he has the coolest weapons. Does that say something scary about me? I did fence in college so I am just chalking it up to an interest in swords.

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  • My VERY first real job was as a busser at a local coffee shop (the diner type, not the Starbucks kind). I was 15 and I poured coffee, filled waters, cleared plates, cleaned tables, etc.  I loved it!  I was the youngest person there by at least 20 years and all the old people that came in to the restaurant thought I was so "cute" and gave me extra tips!  Smile  And I got free food - so I thought that was the best.

     I know nothing about the Ninja Turtles.  Sorry.  Guess you can tell something about me from the fact that I can't pick!  hehehe


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  • I worked at a bagel place. On Saturdays, I wore a sandwich board that looked like a bagel and stood on the curb, giving out coupons. I was pretty rad.


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  • I filed loose papers in the Medical Records department at the local hospital. I was 15 and hated it. I got paper cuts everywhere and it was always dead silent. I think this makes me a horrible person, but I would read people's charts when I needed some entertainment. It was a long summer.

    My favorite was Leonardo because he was funny. I thought the others were too uptight. 

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  • :lurking from 6-9:

    My first job was cleaning a lingerie store called "pillow talk"..It was disgusting being in High School and having grown men coming in asking what they "thought of this for their wife/girlfriend" I would have to tell them "I just clean here" they would have "Men's night" around Xmas and I would have to work and serve refreshments..CREEPY! (at the time).

    I'm can't remember being into the turtles that much but I guess I'll go with Michaelangelo 

  • I worked at a grocery store as a bagger.  I managed to work there for two years, which is probably the longest I've worked anywhere except my current job.

    ETA:  I'm not sure.  Maybe Leonardo? 

  • I used to work at a fast food place at the mall (the only job I could get at 15). I liked it even though I came home smelling of grease and got burns constantly from cleaning the frier. I kept a bottle of aloe vera there just in case. Later I found out they broke a lot of child labor laws....ops! 

     Favorite TNMT: Michelangelo  :)

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  • imagecruelsound:

    I worked at a Sanrio at the Mall of America.

    Also, Ninja Turtles blow diicks.

    I have only been to mall of america once when I was little and I threw up all over the place so we had to leave.

    Um TMNT were awesome.

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  • My first job was at a laser tag, and I'm still there (4.5 years).  We get tourists galore and occasional drunks.  NYE is our busiest night and we get the most hilarious customers.  Last year a girl seriously asked us what happened at midnight and it took 5 minutes to explain to her that it was NYE, then she understood why we were talking about a ball at midnight lmao.

    Donatello is my turtle fav. What can you tell about people by their turtles?

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  • Not including babysitting and selling AVON for a couple of months (I was a terrible sales-person), my first real job with a regular pay check was working in custodial services at a hospital! The pay was awesome, but I hated the job. Plus, I was terrible at it. I only did it for one summer before I went off to college.

    ETA: I don't have a favorite NT.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • I worked at Reitmans. Started out as just a Christmas job and they kept me.
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  • imagecruelsound:

    I worked at a Sanrio at the Mall of America.

    Also, Ninja Turtles blow diicks.

    I have only been to mall of america once when I was little and I threw up all over the place so we had to leave.

    Um TMNT were awesome.

    I remember loving TMNT when I was younger. I think we saw the first movie at the MoA. But, you know who REALLY blows? That April chick that they used to hang out with.

    She was super annoying. My mom dated the guy who was in one of the suits and did the stunts. He was short but in good shape.

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  • CVS. It blew.

    I liked Michaelangelo first because he was the funny one. But then the live movie came out and I totally had a crush on Raphael because of his inner turmoil.

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  • I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons.

    Don't remember the turtles enough to have a favorite. 

    James Sawyer 12.3.10
    Leo Richard 9.20.12 

  • My  first job was at a movie theater.  I was only paid minimun wage but it was fun and I could see all the movies I wanted and I also got to eat free popcorn and soda.  It was a nice gig for a young kid.

    It is funny how I still associate certain movies with bad experiences at the movie theater.  I was working there when Titanic came out and will not watch that movie till this day.  We had it at our theater for so long.  I still remember it's starting time.  Plus, it ran so long that even if one person wanted to see it's latest showing we had to stay and extra hour than we would have.  I was also working when Independence Day came out.  My God we were so busy.  Our theater also ran out of butter at that time too and the customers were so angry at us. 

    Raphael.  I thought  he was funny.

  • Hi, All,

    I lurk here because my LO will be 9 months next week.

    I taught dance lessons at a dance studio--ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics--from when I was 12 until I was 18 and left for college. Dance is still run on the apprenticeship system, so 12 is when you can start teaching.

    Michelangelo because he's "the party dude." I was a bit old for TMNT; they were more for people my little brother's age :-)  

    Mac and cheese lover!
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  • I was a cashier at a grocery store (small, privately-owned). The people I worked with were fun.

    Donatello was my favorite. 

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  • I was 18 and in college...got a job at uni-mart.  I hated it...quit the next day.  I loved running the register....but it scared me being there at like 11pm by myself.  It wouldn't now but I was a baby!!

     I can't remember who my fav was.  I know I collected the cards when I was little and got gum in them.  I remember getting some for Easter one year and I was convinced I could collect the "right" cards to put together a certain picture to win a prize!

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  • I got my first job a couple weeks after I turned 16. It was at McDonalds, bleh. It was in the summer and was super busy. I had to start out in the back making the food and then went to the front on cash register. Everyone was too lazy to train me. The lady with the name tag that said "Trainer" under her name, didn't want to train :/ I was about to leave because everyone was whining about it. So then a girl my age who was there maybe a year had trained me. I can't remember how Ms. "Trainer" got out of it.

    The boss was very rude, many of the ladies who had been there awhile were rude. I wish I had been more assertive back then. I told myself to keep going until the summer was over, and I did. I quit right before school started and was kinda tramatized from it (lol), so I stayed job-less during the school year. Next summer I worked at Subway and it was 100 times better.

    ***And for the Ninja Turtle question. All I remember about the Ninja Turtles was being around 4 years old in pre school, and I would play Ninja Turtles with the boys. I didn't know anything about Ninja Turtles but I always said "I want to be the one with the orange bandana!!"... So the one with the orange bandana... simply because I liked orange lol. I think that might be Leonardo?


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