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Postpartum Depression

did you have side effects with Zoloft?

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am terrified of having some side effects from Zoloft so before I fill the prescription I wanted to see what others' experiences are. Thanks again.

Re: did you have side effects with Zoloft?

  • Zoloft has many possible side effects, including things like nausea and vomiting. However, do some research online to get the basics and ask your Dr. I didnt incounter any of the standard side effects while on it. I delt with the withdrawl effects, severe mood swings as example. There is also a raging debate and some big lawsuits against the zoloft manufacturer for birth defects that occured due to women taking it while PG.
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  • I haven't had any side effects with Zoloft,, just my experience
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  • I had a great experience with Zoloft. asking to be put on it in the hospital this time so it doesn't get so out of control again.
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  • I have dry mouth, but its not that bad, I actually think its good, keeping my hydrated.
  • I have dry mouth sometimes, but I use it as a reminder to drink more water. It's been my miracle drug and I'm so grateful that there was something out there that could help me feel normal again.  

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  • I had alot of body twitches 


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