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Did you just "know" you were pregnant?


Re: Did you just "know" you were pregnant?

  • We weren't trying, but I knew I was when at 10dpo my temp went up instead of down. The positive test confirmed it.
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  • imagekelllimarie86:
    I just saw that and was coming back on here to correct myself! lol! Well I'll say a prayer for you, good luck!

    It's impossible to have that ticker.  You should visit the TTGP board - there are TONS of women on there that "just knew" and are still trying.  I was one of them (proud to have been).  None of those women are making tickers in their 2WW...

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  • imagesweetgotham:

    I am loving that ticker, OP. You going to come back on here and cry about how you 'lost' your baby when you get your period? 

    FFS people...really?   

    I think you're talking about the other poster with the 2 weeks ticker who hasn't taken an hpt yet. and if so, I agree with you.
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  • :Lurking here:

    I did "just know".  Very weird since it was unplanned.  :)

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  • I kept telling DH that I didn't think I would get pregnant the cycle we conceived. I'm not sure why I thought that - I think because my post ovulation temps were so close to the coverline. Then my temp shot up 0.5 degrees at 9 DPO, and I thought it was interesting...but maybe just a fluke. The temp stayed up two more mornings, and then I finally used an OPK to see if I should even waste the money on an HPT. The OPK was almost positive, and so I bought a FRER - and was sort of surprised when the second line popped up.

     The only symptoms I had at that point were that my breasts felt slightly full and heavy, and I felt some tightness between them in my chest. No fatigue, no cramping, no nausea. In fact, other than the occasional random puking, even at 12 weeks I don't feel that pregnant. 

  • Your lines really should show up, even very faintly from about 13 days post ovulation. If you are past this, you could have a blood test to confirm one way or another. I had faint positive test lines from 11 days post O.
  • I knew because I'm pretty in tune with my body and everything felt like AF symptoms x4. I waited until my period was a week late and then we bought a test. I had symptoms like tender beasts, cramps (normally not a AF symptom for me), moodiness was the most severe and made me think more than anything else. Good luck ^^
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  • DD - I had no clue. It was my second cycle off BCP, and my first cycle was long (typical for me pre-BCP as well) so I didn't even know when to expect AF. I was nearly six weeks and having definite symptoms (nausea, cramping) when I finally ended up testing, and I was still shocked.

    Miscarried baby - I kinda knew, but once I got the HPT+, I also kinda knew that this baby wasn't going to stick around long. And I was right.

    DS - I totally knew I was pregnant starting at around 7 DPO. And I knew he was going to be OK, too -- that I wouldn't have another miscarriage.

    This baby - I "knew" I was pregnant on quite a few cycles prior to my BFP. Including ones where we had actively avoided. LOL! On my actual BFP cycle, I didn't have a strong feeling either way.

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  • I had a "feeling" but didn't "know" for sure 

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  • I knew when I woke up to the smell of coffee brewing (normally one of my favorite smells) and immediately had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Took a test later that day and it was positive (so I took four more tests). When I went to the doctor the next week, I was just over five weeks, so I found out pretty much the earliest I could, I think.
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  • imageLadiebug710:

    Nope.  I actually was 100% convinced that my period was coming.

    Yep, I hear you.  Over the weekend I was so convinced it was over that I ordered a 50 pack of OPKs and a new BBT.  I guess I can just put them in the drawer until next time.

    All of this.  I was so convinced I wasn't pregnant because I didn't feel any different. I got a BFP the day of my missed period, at 10 DPO 


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  • I'm due Aug of 12 too! Pregnancy test just confirmed what I've know from the first moment. The funny thing is my husban has been convinced I was pregnant for the last 2 weeks.
  • I had an embryo transfer, and "knew" it didn't take.  Seriously, I figured we had just wasted another 5K.  So I was supposed to wait to test for over a week.  I couldn't wait, I tested at 5 days, bfn.  tested day 6, bfn.  tested day 7, barely a positive then the 8th day I took 5 tests anad they all came out positive.
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  • imagesweetgotham:

    I am loving that ticker, OP. You going to come back on here and cry about how you 'lost' your baby when you get your period

    FFS people...really?   

    FFS, who the F says that??? That has to be the rudest post I have ever seen!

  • I had a very good feeling that I was pregnant. My breasts were definitely tender and hurt like they did before my period, except it was much, much worse. I started cramping after sex as well and that was a pretty big indicator. My husband was sure that I was pregnant, he kept telling me that he was 100% sure, but I was so worried we were going to get false hope.

    I got my first positive pregnancy test at 8 weeks pregnant, but I went to the doctors office to get it. I had taken a pregnancy test with my first missed period and it was negative, so I insisted this time on going to the doctor (it turned out I just ovulated later than normal which accounted for the original missed period). Sometimes tests can be wrong, and sometimes there just isn't enough of the hormone in your urine yet. I would suggest going to the doctor for a test if they will let you.


    Best of luck, and I hope you get a positive test! 

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  • I found out 6 days before my missed period (about 3 weeks pregnant), but I just got lucky I was told. My test came out positive with a First Response urine test, and then I did a clearblue a few days later and it said "pregnant". You have almost all of the same symptoms I have, so I'm sure you must be. :)
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  • I had hormonal issues my whole life and therefore had taken many pregnancy tests in my time, none of them positive.  So although I subconsciously knew, I was in complete denial up until the third positive.


    But, I was craving eggs and fake sausage, ate it for every meal for several days.  I could smell the metal on the bottle of my rootbeer from where the bottlecap had been. Also, had morning sickness the days after conception date.  Oh yeah, also cried for hours at time for no apparent reason. 


    My last menstrual period was november 21 and she was conceived on the 28.  My positive test came on the 26 of December, the day after my uber emotional Xmas.  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!! Follow your instincts, and if they are correct, congrats!

  • I joke about this pregnancy all the time because I have known since sex. With DD, I had no idea til a few days after a missed period to even test. With this one, I was just waiting to take a test to get the confirmation I didn't even feel I needed. I got a positive at 7-8 dpo.

  • imagekarelaorange:
    I just "knew" I was pregnant for about 6 cycles that I was not actually pregnant.  Eventually, I stopped thinking much about Authorhouse and was totally surprised when it actually happened.  I think everyone just "know" if they've only been trying for a couple months.  Those of us who take longer get over it.


    I think I also felt the same way just like you. But some after all the struggling that I encountered, I was able to manage my emotions and finally moved on. 

  • Kind of...the month after our wedding/honeymoon we were painting our new house and I got dizzy and nauseous. I thought it was the paint and low blood sugar. On my way up to bed a feeling came over me and i put my hand to my belly. I decided to take a test in the morning just so I wouldn't worry about it and the negative wouldn't upset me so badly. My period wasn't due for two more days. Sure enough it was positive and my husband said he had suspected it for a few days. We were under a lot of stress at the time trying to get the house fixed up, my husband lost his father and his mother was dying of cancer....so we really weren't expecting to get pregnant even though we weren't using protection.

    My first husband and I tried and even went to a fertility clinic after a couple of unsuccessful years. During that time there were many months when I was certain (and sometimes even late) and then had a negative test. My primary care doctor said it was possible that I was having "chemical pregnancies" where the egg is fertilized but due to some problem/defect it never becomes a baby. It turned out my then husband could not have children. So by the time our marriage hit the rocks, I got through the divorce, and remarried I had gotten somewhat used to the idea that I would not have my own children even though I wanted them very badly.

  • I felt the same way as you for several months in a row. My periods were very irregular and would sometimes be 3 weeks late and sometimes i would go two months in between, so needless to say i took many pregnancy tests over the months. A few times I was totally convinced it would be positive and it was not. I got very annoyed with always feeling like I could be pregnant and then getting a negative test result. Finally one month (a year after being off birth control) I was late again by about a week and decided to test just to be safe. I actually thought it would be negative like all the others and to my surprise it was positive! I think I was about 4 weeks pregnant. I didn't have any symptoms at that point and felt nothing. It took a few more weeks before the early symptoms set in.
  • I just knew... I took 2 e.p.t.'s and they were both negative, my hubby didn't want me to buy any more until the next month.  I talked him in to getting 2 more and they were positive.  The longer you wait to take the tests, the more accurate they are..
  • I knew about 4 days after I missed my period.  Woke up and just didn't feel right, went out and bought a 3 pack of pregnancy tests.  The first 2 were very, very light so I waited to take the last one the next morning which was bright pink before I had a chance to put the stick on the counter. 
  • I did. I especially knew when my veins became more visible all the way to my boobs (I looked like a river map!). I also had sore boobs and was very moody.
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  • imagesparkman-to-be:
    I joke about this pregnancy all the time because I have known since sex. With DD, I had no idea til a few days after a missed period to even test. With this one, I was just waiting to take a test to get the confirmation I didn't even feel I needed. I got a positive at 7-8 dpo.

    Exactly this for me, too. After reading all these responses I was excited to see someone say they had they same situation as me! 

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  • Am super predictable when it comes to my period. We used the calendar method of family planning. It was just a spur-of-the moment, early in the morning disorientation that caused the slip-up, haha! that's why even days before my period was due I was already apprehensive about not having the usual PMS signs. Took the home test after being 5 days late and true enough, POSITIVE! A lab test and ultrasound the following day confirmed it, almost 5 weeks preggers! Our little "slip-up" is turning 1 next week! The best Christmas gift ever!
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  • I just knew I was 2 days before my period should have started. I took my first pos test that night & got 2 more Thanksgiving morning. Hope you get your positive soon!!
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