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Moby Users - Using Moby Outside the House

How do you do it?

So far, I've put the Moby Wrap on before I leave and just shove LO in it when we get to our destination!  But, I foresee needing to put the wrap on outside of the house - in public, at some point. I also need to re-wrap the Moby around me sometimes if I've put LO in and out of it a few times because it gets loose then, so I'd have to do that out in public too.  

The though of having to put the wrap on outside of home kind of creeps me out with the long fabric touching the ground...anyone know how to avoid this?   

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Re: Moby Users - Using Moby Outside the House

  • I put it on before I leave the house and then put DD in it at our destination.  I've only used it a few times shopping when I have both DDs with me.
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  • I put mine on while standing next to the open door of my car. It takes some negotiating, but I'm generally able to get it on while keeping the fabric in the car. Sometimes it brushes the ground, but it's the part that doesn't touch LO anyway so I'm pretty "meh" about it.

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  • I've only done this once and it was a struggle but I managed to put it on while in my car.


  • I usually put it on at home, but I've put it on at the mall a few times. I just wait until we get inside, sit DD on one of the benches or get DH to hold her if he's with me, and tie it on.
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  • I have learned to put it on in the car. Or while standing outside the car making sure to keep the Ends in the car so they don't touch the ground, KWIM?
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  • I don't think it's a big deal. I have put mine on in tons of public places. If you do it quickly the ends aren't touching the ground for more than a second and then they don't touch you or baby when it's on.
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  • The times I put it on outside the house I rested the ends on the stroller and .with some effort was able to keep them from touching the ground.
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