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Hi all! Intro and a Question...

Hi...new to this board.  We were just married on 10/1 and we're TTC.  I've already found a lot of great informatoin on this website, but had a question for you local girls.

-We're just starting to try.  I have a new OB/GYN office that I like...associated with Beaumont.  But, am really interested in having my (eventual) child at the ABC at Providence. At what point should I make contact with them?  Should I, even before I'm pregnant, begin seeing doctors/mid-wives there?  Or, just wait until I am pregnant and then contact them about my desire to have my child there?


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Re: Hi all! Intro and a Question...

  • Hi & welcome!  Congrats on your marriage & good luck TTC!  Smile


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  • Welcome and Good Luck TTC!

    I would start seeing an OB/GYN out of Providence if you know you want to deliver there, just so you can build an ongoing relationship with them.

    A+S | Met 8/24/06 | Married 9/27/08
    Started TTC 12/2008 | dx PCOS 5/2009
    6 failed clomid/femara/TI cycles, 1 failed clomid/ovidrel/IUI cycle
    Successful Cycle: 5/12/11 - 1000mg Metformin + 100mg Clomid(late response) + TI = BFP

    2/13/12 - We proudly welcomed our daughter, Hadley Teresa!
    Lots of Luck to all of 3T/IF

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  • There are Midwifes out of Prov Park Novi that deliver out of the ABC at Prov Southfield...I just waited til I was pregnant to schedule with them.   But I did switch over to HFWB at 24 weeks and started to see their midwifes and I liked their birthing units better than Southfield.


    If you have any questions just page me.  

  • I think you should start looking for an ob that delivers out of Providence now.  That way you build a relationship with them, ie make sure like them and their practice. So when you did get pregnant there is not that added stress of finding one!

    Good Luck and Congrats on the wedding..

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