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City Mini vs. Joovy Scooter

I'm looking to buy another stoller that doesn't take up so much room in the back of my Jeep. I have a full-size Graco stoller and it takes up over half the room back there. I keep reading all the raves about the City Mini and tried it out at BRU and really loved everything about it especially the large canopy, except I didn't like the storage basket! The Joovy seems to have a huge basket, but I don't know how it folds up compared to the City Mini. Anybody have any input for the Joovy? I know I could always buy a hook for the City Mini. Also, where is the store that has all the strollers for "test drives"? DS, my mom, grandma, and I are going on a trip in December for a weekend and I definately want to get another stroller by then.
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Re: City Mini vs. Joovy Scooter

  • I don't have any experience with the Joovy Scooter but I am LOVING my Baby Joggers!  I have the City Mini double and the City Micro single.  The basket is not that great on either of them, but I just use it to hold a little SkipHop diaper/wipes case and I keep a little blanket in there.  It stays put when I fold up the stroller which I love.  There is a basket on the back of the seat that actually holds a lot, and I have the Mommy Hook for bigger bags so I haven't missed the basket as much as I thought I would.  I also bought the Sunshine Kids parent console for about $9 on Amazon and I love it too.  The Micro is on sale for as low as $99 on albeebaby (blue and green colors) and if you can get by without the full recline, it's an AWESOME stroller for that price.  The sunshades are smaller too, but still pretty decent compared to most.  Oh, and I just stuck a piece of cardboard in the back of the seat (there is a velcro pocket that it slides into) to firm it up a bit and it works great!  We love these strollers!






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  • You can try strollers out at New Baby Products. 

    FWIW, I have the City Mini and love it.  I hardly ever use the basket for anything - I put everything in my bag (but I never hook my bag to the stroller either).

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  • I love the City Mini too, even though the basket doesn't hold much.  We just keep a diaper and some wipes in it.
  • We have a City Mini and I LOVE it for the lightweight style, easy fold, full recline and huge canopy.  The basket isn't huge but it's really not been bad for holding a few things.  I do hang my diaper bag off the handles, so I usually don't need to put much down below anyway.  At Disney a few weeks ago I put the Bjorn, monkey backpack, and a newborn padding thing down there and it all fit fine, along with a few other odds and ends.
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  • We have the City Mini Double and I'm trying to convince DH that we need a City Mini Single because I love the double so much. Although I've been eying the Micro too that slw mentioned. We tried everything at New Baby Products and at Buy Buy Baby and fell in love with the easy fold and canopy on the City Mini. I'd test drive them all and see what you like best.
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