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Partners in Obstetrics and Gyn.

Hi everyone,

My Dr. just recently moved to this practice from the center of OBGYN (which I love) and I am contemplating moving with her...does anyone go to this practice? Like it? hate it? Any info would be helpful! Thanks! :)

Re: Partners in Obstetrics and Gyn.

  • I go to the Pawt office. I see Dr Livense, she's wonderful. All of the other dr's there are too. Good luck
  • They are great- my primary is Dr. Domagalski but have also gone to Dr. Hawwa...both are awesome!
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  • I left them back in 2005 when they laid off their midwives and didnt tell their patients. In addition Domagalski ruined my 1st birth experience ... I was grateful to leave them. Center of OB GYN is really a great place, wonderful staff. But then again I did midwives not doctors
  • I see Dr. Domalgalski.  Everyone I've worked with in this group has been wonderful.  My sister also used Dr. Domalgalski and a friend with four kids used her all four times.  I never feel rushed at appointments and they are always prompt in getting back to me to answer my questions.  The previous post was actually the first time I have EVER heard anything bad about this practice. 
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  • I have Dr. Kokturk. He is great! I have been to the East Greenwich office once, for what I thought was an emergency.. but I usualy go to the pawtucket office. My best friend has used them with both of her girls and I currently have another friend who is 10 weeks and she uses Dr Domalgaski in the Woonsocket office. I agree, the previous post is the first time I have ever heard anything negative about Partners.
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