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  • Short story...I was on hospital bed rest for 28 days with DD1 and started and induction but my bp went up and DD's heart rate when super low. So I had an emergency C/S

    DD2 I had a schedule CS...went super smooth. I would totally do it again. Actually if we had a 3rd child we would most likely have too, because my uterus was extremely thin this time and Dr said rupture would be a strong possibility if I did a VBAC.

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  • Short version...went to my regular 39 week appointment and was measuring small.  I had been measuring a little small the previous couple weeks but my OB wasn't worried (34cm at 36w, 36cm at 37 and 38w).  This time I had actually shrunk to 34cm.  He did an internal to see if she dropped...she hadn't.  I had a growth u/s (measuring 4lb 15oz and low fluid) and a BPP (scored 8 of 8), so my OB sent me to be induced.

    I was on Pitocin for all of about 20 minutes when she started having HR decelerations with contractions - down to the 50's.  They took me off the Pit and I had a c/s...not a true "emergency" c/s, but they weren't taking their sweet time either.  DD was 4 lb 15 oz (u/s tech was right on!) and 18.75 inches.  Other than being small and having a little bit of jaundice, she was perfect and we got to go home after 3 days.

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  • short version:

    I had gained 60 lbs of water and my legs looked like stove pipes and my hands like sausages- at my 40w appt. - I was 1 cm dilated (which I had been for two weeks)- they were going to send me home but I refused to leave without some kind of plan- they sent me to the hospital that night to be induced- nothing happened- the next day they broke my water- and I progressed on my own til 7cm but my DS would not drop- since I had been on pitocin and all kind of drugs all day they suggested c-sec.

    At this point I was ready-

    For this baby- I can't wait to have a  scheduled c-sec... 

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  • my labor was quick. 12 hours from 0cm to 10cm with just one dose of cytotec. 42 weeks, meconium, high blood pressures(180/100), his heart rate kept dropping. pushed for FOUR hours, he was really low, but because of his heat rate couldn't get into a good position for pushing. I opted for c/s at that time vs vacuum. I am an L&D nurse so I knew my options and what would be best. The doctors/midwives didn't think the vacuum would work and neither did I. I am glad I had the c/s. next time - not sure what I will do. possibly VBAC if I don't go overdue and go into spontaneous labor. or just repeat c/s. 
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  • Here is mine <a href="https://tenlittlefingerstentinytoes.blogspot.com/2010/08/1-week-postpartum-aubrey-birth-story_8577.html">C-Section Birth Story</a>

     Short of it is: I went to the hospital for pain that was bringing me to my knees. They could not figure out what it was UTI test came back negative etc. They kept me over night. I made a change from 2 to 3-4 cm dilated. On call broke my water and started me on pit to get things moving at 9 am. By 11 I asked for an epi I was in serious amounts of pain. By 4 I was complete with a lip and was told to start pushing. DD would move from station 0 to +1 and then slide back up. She went in to distress (HB into the 70's) and I was told baby needed out now. Had a c-section with G/A that I ended up having breathing issues after words. We were team green so we did not know the sex of our daughter, I found out after our families held her, four hours later. DD was in ROA position with no notes of cord around neck.

    The day after I was told I would never be able to have a vaginal delivery that my babies are just to big for me (DD was 9 pounds 6 ounces and 20.5 inches long with a big head) I have since switched doctors to a doctor who still advises me to have another c/s more so because I never want to sleep through the birth of my child again, but will allow me to VBAC. I often go back and forth but right now I am standing with a VBAC.

  • C-Section1:


    At the end of work, my coworkers were all hugging me and wishing me luck "just in case".  I was almost 39 weeks.  I laughed at them and told them they all jinxed me and that I would probably be pregnant for two more weeks.  Lo and behold the next morning I woke up with conistent cramping that kept getting stronger.  I had a doctor's appointment that day so we were preparing to leave.  My husband asked if he could drop me off at the appointment, do some errands then come get me.  I told him I don't think we'll be coming back from the appointment.....  I called the doctor on the way over and they sent me straight to the hospital.


     I checked in, did some walking, got up to 4cms then got an epidural.  The baby started dropping his heart rate with each contraction.  My nurse was wonderful and on top of things.  They put me on oxygen, tried changing positions and put in internal monitors.  They shortly decided to go in and take him.  I was put on a stretched and rushed in to the OR.  They worked really fast and I had my little boy.  I got to snuggle him in the recovery room for a little bit.


    C-Section 2:


    Planned.  Went to the hospital, checked in, rolled into OR, out came baby girl!  I didn't get to love on her until I got in my room.  I was having really bad shakes from the anesthesia. 

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  • Short Version at 36 weeks I was admitted for Pre-E and high blood pressure.  After an amnio and getting the all clear he was healthy I was started on pitocin from 10 am until 9pm on thursday May 19th they took me off at 9 I had not progressed and gave me cervadil over night 6 am Friday May20th again with Pitocin by 11 am constant pain but not really progressing 12pm epi, 2pm turn pitocin off 3 back on and a nurse accidently broke my water, 4 epi wears off, horrible pain 5pm new epi and only at a 4.  fast forward to 11 pm at a 5 and doc said Felix had cap-it he was coming down crocked so they would go ahead with a c-section.  12:15 am Sat may 21 Felix was born by c-section!!  The most beautiful thing in the world.  We both did well and no problems.  Come to find out I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my left ovary they removed with my ovary and falopian tube it was tangled and a small cyst on the right they just removed, so that was pushing him over causing him to come down wrong, my pelvis was to small, and his embilical cord was only 12" so it was a blessing!!  Fast forward 4 days at home I started bleeding head back to the hospital to find out I have a hematoma in my incision so my incision had to heal from the inside out and it took 7 wks but it really wasn't as bad as it sounds!!  All in all we are blessed and very happy with the outcome. Felix 6lbs 7oz 20 1/2"long


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  • short version:

    at 29weeks 5 days i was getting ready for bed and started to have sharp stomach pains. I am used to this, I have a hiatial hernia. I tried antacids, nothing worked, thought i would just go to sleep and deal w/ it. It kept getting worse. I am not one ot complain, but i yelled for my husband to start the car cause we were going to the er.

    Once there, i was in so much pain that i could not sit still, talk, breath, nothing it hurt so badly. they thought it was my gallbladder. since the hospital we were at were not equipped with a nicu in case the baby went in distress if i needed surgery, they transported (after being there for an hr in pain) me to the hospital i planned to deliver at. 

    once there, they figured it was not gallbladder, but Severe HELLP Syndrome. None of us ever heard of it. After many tests and waiting...we were told that they were going to have to deliver our baby, but i needed meds and steroids first.

    At 30w1day, my 2lb5oz miracle arrived via c section. I had to go under general because my platelets were too low. It was terrifying. I had no idea what to expect. My husband was a nervous wreck, since he was not allowed to be with me. It was so scared laying on that table alone. After surgery, i was shown my son, but i have no memory of that, thank God for pictures. I did not physically see him for almost 2 days. Recovery and meds were horrible. Took me a few weeks to physically be okay. I was in the hospital for a total of a week, including the 2 days before surgery.  even tho our birth story/c section story was not fun, it all ended up okay, and he is now a super active 15 month old, and my scar is just a memory of what a miracle he is.

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  • I just noticed this board.

    Short version:

    I went in for a scheduled induction on June 3rd because the doctor thought she was going to be a big baby. The nurse didn't put the pitocin in the iv right so it ended up dripping all over the floor. Then the doctor said he wanted to try again the next day. I started getting really bad contractions really close together and babys heart rate was lowering so off to the OR I went. It turns out the cord was wrapped around her stomach so she wouldn't have lowered any ways and her head was too large to fit through my pelvic area. My daughter was born June 5th weighing 7lb 12 oz. I still feel bad that I had a c section but I realize that it was what was best for my daughter. 

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  • Mine is on my blog.

    Feel free to check it out. It's long:


    It took me a year and a half to write.  

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  • I always knew I would have a late baby, because DH and I were both born several weeks past our EDDs (I was four weeks late.  Seriously).  So no surprise when my OB scheduled an NST the day of my 40 week appointment - and even though I scheduled it 10 days in advance it was like herding cats to get NST, u/s, and 40 week appt. in the same afternoon.  DD looked fine and the OB I was seeing (went to a practice) was like, "Great!  Let's schedule an induction!"  Practice policy was to wait until 42 weeks, but the hospital couldn't fit me in any later in the week than around 41 weeks 2 days.  I should've requested another NST instead, but yeah, I basically had a c/s because the damn hospital couldn't schedule anything easily.  Not even for the actual induction, mind you - they couldn't find an hour to schedule me for the cervical gel.  I am more bitter about this than the c/s.  I think if they'd been more accommodating DD would have had more of a chance to progress on her own and my c/s wouldn't have been necessary.

    Anyway, I went in a fingertip dilated, got the gel, was told I would get a call telling me when to come in for pit the next morning, unless the gel sent me into labor.  Which it did.  I got the gel at noon, started having contractions late afternoon/early evening, went to the hospital at 11:30 PM with contractions 2-3 minutes apart.  Got an internal, was only 2 cm dilated, so told to hang out in triage for two hours.  I made it for 45 minutes before I made DH get *someone* get *something* for the pain I was having from 90 second contractions two minutes apart.  Oh and I felt like DD was trying to come out my butt.  Got another internal with the caveat that if I wasn't further dilated I would just be disappointed, but fortunately I was 3-4 cm at that point so I was admitted to L&D.

    And everything went haywire.  DD's heartbeat was all over the place, I got an oxygen mask put on me that I kept trying to take off because I felt like it was actually making it harder for me to breathe, the OB told me I would probably need a c/s and I DID NOT CARE I JUST WANTED IT TO STOP.  I was wheeled into the OR and DH was left to await further instructions, not knowing if I'd have general anesthesia and whether he'd get to be with me when DD was born.  Fortunately DD was stabilized enough that I could get a spinal (OMG best feeling ever) and DH was able to be with me.  We chatted with the anesthesiologist about how we met while DD was born at 1:56 AM.  She was 7 lb. 13.5 oz. and 19.5".  They had thought the cord might be prolapsed, but it turned out her head was just positioned awkwardly.  DH got to hold her next to me while they closed my incision, I saw her beautiful little face and threw up (fortunately the only time I was nauseous), lots of other mildly annoying things happened afterwards but for the most part I recovered easily and bonded well with DD.

    DD born 10/10/07 * DS born 11/25/11 * #3 due 3/9/2015
  • My water broke at 36wks 3 days.  We went to the hospital and the next day got induced.  I labored pretty quickly, got my epidural and then pushed for 2.5 hours.  It became pretty clear after pushing that long that he wasn't coming out.  My doctor said i could push for another hour but she didn't think he was going to come down any more.  I'm pretty sure that he was also sunny side up.  So about an hour later I had a non emergency c-section.  I had some complications during surgery with some excess bleeding so I was in the OR for about 2 hours.  DS was born at 9:02pm and I got to hold him around 1am for the first time.

    I don't regret my c-section at all.  It was the best choice for us.  I also had GD so it was always in the back of my mind that i may have to have a c-section.  Recovery was not that bad either.  

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