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On October 24th, 2008 my first son, Jake, entered this world via cesarean section due to breech presentation. He was 39 weeks 4 days gestation and weighed in at 7lbs 13 ounces and was 20" long. I had no labor signs or progress prior to having my c-section.


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  • Short versions

    cs#1...I was a planned c becasue I have Myasthenia Gravis (a form of Muscular Dystophy) I went into labor the day before.  By the time I got to the hospital I was 9 cm...they decided I had done most of the hard part already I was now going to have a vaginal delivery.  I was given an epi which made DS's heart rate plumet and I then became an emergancy c......It was quite a day:)

    cs#2 (21 months later) I was a planned repeat c.  I had PROM 4 weeks early and DS#2 was delived via c- section 2 hours later

    Both boys spent some time in the NICU but were healthy enough to come  home with me 4 days later.....I will once again be a planned  c with this baby!

    DH 40  ME 40
    GD, Myasthenia Gravis, Factor V Leiden

    DS #1 born via emergancy c-section 01/23/06 at 37w

    DS#2 born via c-section 10/27/2007 at 36w due to PROM

    DS #3 born via repeat c-section 04/13/2012 at 39w

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  • I had a planned c-section at 39 weeks, 4 days. The baby was measuring large, and my OB didn't think an induction would be successful. Also, I had surgery on my hips several years ago, and after consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, my OB wasn't convinced my hips would spread properly.

    Amelia Claire was born at 10:48 on April 14, healthy, happy, and a whopping 9lobs 5oz. She had passed meconium in the womb and had to be evaluated at first, but she was fine.

    In all, I'm glad we decided to go with the c-section. I'm afraid of what would have happened if we hadn't, between the baby's size, meconium and the uncertainty of how my hips would have responded.

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  • short version

    I was on bedrest for PTL when my water broke on May 8,2009. I was 36 weeks along. I labored fast and furious. Within  an hour i was at 10cm and began pushing. 90 min. later, no progress made. My dr. felt around and determined 2 things. #1 baby was sunny side up (face up not face down) #2 I had a small pelvis so baby was stuck. I was told i could continue to push for another hour or go c-section. As it was 2:30am, i was exhausted, i opted for a c-section (i would have gone c-se tion if he wan't out in that hour). So at 2:59am, i was wheeled into the OR. My son entered the world at 3:08am on May 9,2009. While my c-section was not planned, it turned out for the best.

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  • my short versions

    DD#1 born May 19th, due to lack of movment and fetal HR dropping dramatically due to contractions from induction at 39 weeks and 5 days. Wasnt even in L&D for 5 mins before Dr and midwife decided on c-section. She was 5lbs 11oz and had a week long stay in the NICU. Now she is a happy, healthy and extremely smart 3 year old!

    DS born Dec 1st as a repeat c-section at 39 weeks 2 days. No complication with him. He was 8lbs 1oz. And he is a happy, heatlthy and extremely active 21mth old!

    DD#2 will be born Nov 29th of this year via 3rd c-section. Having a cyst removed on my left ovary, along with getting my tubes tied.

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  • I was a week late, so my doctor decided to induce labor. He tried to insert a foley catheter first which failed. Next, they started me on pitocin and gave me an ambien to help me sleep before labor really got started. I woke up a few hours later wearing an oxygen mask which freaked me out. Apparently the baby's heart rate started going crazy so my doctor decided to stop the induction and move on to a c/s.

    The c/s went great except for experiencing waves of nausea, but the anesthesiologist was quick to give me something each time I felt sick. We were team green and it was so awesome to hear it's a girl, especially because everyone predicted we were having a boy. DD had her cord wrapped around her neck three times which is most likely why I was not going into labor. She was perfectly healthy despite her cord around her neck, born at 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 inches long.

    Recovery was better than I expected although it hurt to cough, sneeze or laugh for the first two weeks.

    DD1: May 2011
    DD2: February 2014
  • DH and I did a 3D/4D U/S at a pregnancy spa 2 hours away when I was 30 weeks. It was here that we found out he was breech. I told my OB at my 32 week appt. At 36 weeks I had another U/S and he was still breech. So we scheduled my C-section for 39 weeks. We had 2 more U/S at 38 and 39 weeks (15 minutes before my C-section) and he remained breech. Connor James was born July 14 at 1:09pm at 7lbs, 2oz and 20 in long. Turns out his legs were wedged in my pelvis. So glad we didn't try to turn him!

    I am so glad this board is here now. Before his birth, MIL kept telling me about her c-section 30 years ago and how she was "bedridden" for weeks recovering from the surgery. I loved her face when I was walking the halls 6 hours post-op!

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  • I had a planned c-section due to baby b being transverse, at 38 weeks. Well 3 days early the girls decided they wanted to come now! My water broke at night and we flew to the hospital. I was having contractions that hurt but weren't that bad.

    When I got to the hospital I was 7cms dilated! The nurses said it was a shame I wasn't having a vaginal deliver as I was doing so well (pain wise) being that far along. But my biggest fear was that baby A would come out and we'd need a c-section for baby B because she wouldn't flip the right way, so we went ahead with the c-section. 

    The spinal was pinchy but not that bad. Before I knew it DH was in the room and my dr. and an assistant went to work. Then Baby A (cate) was out followed by Emily! Dh went with the babies to the recovery room and after they stitched me back up that's where I went. I got to cuddle the babies and then the nurses suggested I start BFing, which I did. It didn't really go that well, lol, but that's probably because the girls were small (5lbs and 5lbs 3 oz). But at least we got skin to skin contact and got to bond right away. (oh, and they got better and BFing eventually! I now EP due to convenience sake as nursing is tough with twins, but I still BF every so often and they do just fine with it!)

    Recovery was easy. I just took the meds when they told me and walked as much as I could. 10 days later I took the girls for a walk and felt just fine. 

    One tip I read somewhere online that really worked for me: Take a pair of control top pantyhose and cut the legs out. Then put on the part that goes over your belly. It makes your incision feel SO good! 

    Overall I'm glad I went with the c-section. I had a great experience. 

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    After 2 years, Injects, PCOS diagnosis and 2 IUI's, we were blessed with our beautiful twin girls!
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  • we actually were planning a home birth.  At my 36 week appt i had signs of pre-E, so I went to my midwives backup OB for further testing.  at 36 weeks 6 days I was induced for severe pre-E.  I was on mag sulfate and pitocin for 22 hours.  My cervix was still high, thick, and closed and my platelets count had already started  dropping, so we had a c-section.  The baby was not engaged or anything, doctor had to go fishing for her. 
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  • Mine are on my blog.

    Jack was a "planned" c/s.  He turned breech 5 days before  my due date. https://shirebacon.com/2011/07/jacks-birth-story/


    Xander was a VBAC attempt that ended in an unplanned c/s.


  • Contractions started the night before at 10pm about 15-20 min apart. I woke up at 4am with hard contractions that were about 4-7 min apart. Called Dr and told to come in to get checked since we live over an hour away from the hospital. We were about 10 minutes from the hospital and the contractions went to every 2-3 min apart. At 930am I was checked and was at 3cm. I went until 2pm when I could not deal with the contractions any longer so i got an epi. They broke my water at 2:15pm and at 4pm I was 4cm. At 630pm I was 6cm and contractions were still about 2-3 min apart but I could no longer feel them. Around this time there was a Dr. change and the new Dr. came in at 730 and insisted that she start Pitocin. I really really did not want to go that route but I could tell she was annoyed and once she said it would speed things up my husband was all for it. I gave in (stupid me)! About a half hour after she gave Pitocin, I started to get a fever and my contractions were slowing down. I was stuck at 6cm until 11pm. During the time with the new she hardly ever spoke to me. Out of the 7 Drs in the practice, she was my least fav. At 11pm the Dr, nurses, and an anesthesiologist came in and started to prep me for the c section. I burst into tears because nothing was ever said to me about possibly needing a c section. The nurse told me that my temp was up over 102 and the baby's hb dropped really low three different times. I was wheeled into the OR room at 1120 and my DS was born at 1151pm.


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  • DS1: I have a bicornuate uterus and DS1 was breech my entire pg so we scheduled a c/s.  At my 39wk appt he was still breech.  Went in and got prepped for my c/s at 39w5d and just before heading into the OR they did one more quick u/s and he had wiggled up into my other horn and was head down!  I had been on bedrest for PTL since 33wks so we decided to induce.  Induction failed because my uterus was unable to squeeze him down properly (because of its shape) so off to the OR again!  DS1 was born at 2:40pm at 39w6d, 8 pounds, 20 inches.  Complications only due to undiagnosed GD.

    Healing was quick and easy, I took my pain meds for a few days afterwards (maybe a week?), I felt back to my normal self by 4-6wks pp.

    DS2: Scheduled a repeat c/s at 38w6d.  Three days before that, I started not feeling well in church... just really "blah".  I felt that way all day but continued to run my errands and get stuff ready for baby. By evening I realized that my 'not feeling good' was timeable - every 5min for close to a minute.  Contractions!  eek!  Right about the time I figured that out though, they slowed down so I ignored it and went to bed.  Woke up at 1am in intense pain and didn't sleep the rest of the night.  Didn't want to wake DH up or drag my mom down to our house to stay with DS1  in the middle of the night (plus I was supposed to have a pedicure that afternoon that I REALLY wanted to have) so I laid in bed for hours feeling regular contractions (really, what was I thinking?). Called my ob at 8am when they opened and she said to head to the hospital for monitoring.  Got there at 9am and at 10am they told me I'd bought myself a ticket to stay (Dh had to call and cancel my pedicure, I was bummed - ha!)...  I had a panic attack, bp dropped to 60/30, baby's heart rate crashed so they prepped me for an emeergency c/s under general anesthesia.  Baby and I both recovered but they were ready to put me under if that happened again.

    DS2 was born at 12:10pm at 38w4d, 8lbs 1oz, 20 inches (2 days before my scheduled c).  I had some heavy bleeding for a few hours, I can't remember how much but I know it was getting close to needing a transfusion.  I was pretty sick from the meds that day and the next, couldn't have visitors then because I was throwing up and SO green.  After that, everything was fine.  Healing took a little longer just because I had a toddler to run after and couldn't rest when I needed to.  Felt like myself by 8-10wks pp.

    LO3:  I don't at all expect this one to arrive when scheduled to.  I've had 2 scheduled c-sections that did not happen as scheduled.  Ha!  Who knows what will happen....

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  • Short version

    I had an emergency c-section due to fetal distress.   His heartrate dropped everytime I pushed.   Turned out that his cord was compressed between his head and neck/shoulder.   He was born not breathing but he is fine now.

    As for me....I had a lot of complications.   I was supposed to go home Sat(DS was born Tues night)    I developed a very high fever late Friday and things started to go downhill.   They discovered my hemoglobin had dropped drastically and my body was basically shutting down.    I wound up getting 5 units of blood on Sat and was transferred to CCU.   I was there for almost a week and then moved to a step down unit.   I was finally sent home at 3 weeks post partum.

    A couple days later, I had to go back in.   I needed surgery.   They found a nasty hematoma in my abodominal area.   Spent another week in the hospital. 

    long version here  https://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/55950805.aspx

    I'm finally back to almost full strength.   It's been a long road. 

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  • Hi! I like reading about the other c-sections. I'll try to make mine short-

    My doctor planned to induce at 39wk, 6 days due to GD and rising blood pressure- After 12 hours of pitocin, my water was broken, and it all went to hell. After another 13 or 14 hours, the epidural wore off and after I pushed for over an hour without making progress at all, and then I got prepped for the c-section. I got to the hospital at 6am, November 4th. M was born at 11:43 a.m, November 5th. I was team green, and it was amazing when they pulled my baby out! She had a bit of a cone head from the pushing, but she did NOT want to come out.

    I think the worst part for me was that I started vomiting when I was in labor, and then I threw up the "don't puke drink", and I was terrified I was going to get sick while I was cut open. 

    Anyway, I healed up nice and fast, and it went pretty well, but I'm hoping for VBAC next time around. :) 

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  • I had GD and came in for a routine NST at 39weeks and 5 days. I had an induction scheduled for 41 weeks as I was making no progress on my own. They found that my blood pressure was very high and decided to admit me. At 37 weeks they found that DS had a heart defect (cleared up on its own thank god) and I had to leave my OB and go w/ a random doctor at a hospital that specializes in pediatric cardiology.

    Long story short - I labored on petocin and god know what else for 30 hrs. Pushed for another 3 hrs and the doctor told me that I had a choice - either he'd try forceps or we go for a c/sec. I decided on c/sec as I heard horror stories about babies being injured by foreceps. They took me into the OR and tried to increase my epidural but it wasn't taking. They then tried to do a spinal but for some reason (incompetence?) the anesthesiologist couldnt find a spot for the needle. Finally they knocked me out and DS was born. I woke up in the worst pain I've ever had. DS was taken to NICU to be monitored for his heart situation. I didn't get to see him for almost two days which made breastfeeding a serious challenge. We managed though and breastfed till he was 11 months exclusively.

    This time I'm having a scheduled RCS with my OB and hoping things go a lot smoother =)

    Very thankful for this board. It's about time.

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  • Short version:

    I wanted a natural childbirth, but I started having contractions a week before my due date. Even though my contractions were hard and fast, they kept sending me home because DS was not making his way into the birth canal. After 4 trips to the hospital in 4 days, we went to my regular weekly check-up. My doc asked, "why are you still pregnant? I told the on-call doc to admit you on Sunday." (Two days prior!) The nurse on duty that day came in with a bunch of IVs and the forms for an epidural, but when I said I wanted natural labor, she told me "there's nothing we can do for you" and sent us home again. After giving me an u/s to see if I was lugging around a 9-10lb baby, my doc figured I would end up with a C-Section. They induced me by breaking my water and started me on Pitocin. After 3 hours on Pitocin (the devil), I tapped out and got the epidural. After 2 hours on the epidural, I was still only at 6 cm, DS hadn't dropped, but his heart beat would decelerate if I rolled on my left side, his blood pressure would skyrocket if I rolled on my right, and MY blood pressure would skyrocket if I laid on my back. Our nurse called the doc, suggested a C-Section, and we discovered that my DS was wrapped in his umbilical cord like a 5 point harness. The doc said there was no way he was coming out on his own. He passed meconium while tucked up in there, but he was fine.

    Even though I wanted a natural birth, I have no regrets whatsoever having a C-Section. IMHO, there wasn't any other option that wouldn't have risked my son.

    TTC #2: My chart
  • Mine is a very long story - I'll write the short version like everyone else...

    I was two weeks late - 0 station, 0 cm.  Had one day of contractions that led to nothing.  Got cervadil, water broke, was 1.5 cm, 0 station.  Started next round of induction and after no real progess, started pitocin around hour 15 of contractions.  After 24 hours of labor, was at 4cm and 0station.  Little bugger did not want to come out so we reluctantly agreed to the section.  

    It was not a good experience at all.  I was falling asleep during surgery and could not move my arms which I think was a combination of too much epi and my severe carpal tunnel.  (I think too much epi because I didn't feel any tugging/pulling, nothing).  I remember the doc announcing it's a boy, hearing his first squeaks, and seeing his face for the first time.  I also remember feeling crushed that I could not lift my arms to touch him.  

    I had a horrible first 10 hours after delivery which still haunt me.  I am seriously hoping, praying, begging and doing anything and everything I can for a VBAC.  But, if it gets close and it looks like it might be another big, non-moving baby, I will not go through labor again.  I want to be able to enjoy the birth of my baby, be able to remember the experience and touch him/her and have a better recovery.  

    I'm so glad for this board. 

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  • I was so hoping for no medical intervention, but my body did not cooperate! I was induced due to pre-e at 39w3d after a checkup in the afternoon.  I was put on pitocin and mag sulfate (which is the worst, worst, worst).  I labored all night for very little progress and opted for the epidural the next morning.  I progressed quickly from there and was given the green light to push.

    Unfortunately, her head was slightly askew and sunny-side-up and she got stuck in my pelvis.  She crowned but couldn't get further.  I was given the option to keep trying with the warning I might end up needing an emergency section.  Since it had been 3 hours of pushing, I was exhausted and agreed to the non-emergency surgery.

    She was born at 5:02 PM, 26 hours after I started pitocin.  I understand the section is the best choice for some people - and really seemed like my only option - but I'm still not okay with it.  I still get teary thinking of how long I had to wait to hold her.

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  • The short version:

     I went in at 7am on 02/26/08 (40w3d) to be induced. My Dr broke my water, we waited an hour but no contractions so I was started on pitocin. As soon as I hit the 4cm mark I got an epidural which didn't take (why didn't anyone tell me this?). At 2am on 02/27/08 I was at 9 but started feeling the need to push. A portion of my cervix was still hard (oddly enough my sister, 2 cousins and my grandmother all had this same problem and wound up with c-sections). I pushed until 5am. The little fella was face up instead of face down and had the cord looped around his neck. My Dr tried, unsuccesfully, to remove the cord from his neck (OUCH). At this point I was given the option of suction or c-section. My Dr said he would give me 3 tries with the suction if I wanted to. I told him that I had nothing left and we decided on a c-section.

    Jack was born at 5:37am on 02/27/11. Happy and Healthy Big Smile.

     My Dr told me that he "double stiched" me so that I would be a candidate for a VBAC however with my family history of hard cervixs he would not recommend it. I was on the fence until just recently regarding a VBAC or C-Section with #2. Since we will be moving 45 minutes away from my hospital before the next baby is born I've decided to go with a planned c-section.


    TTC Baby Rob #1 05/07, BFP 06/07, EDD 02/22/08, Baby Jackaroo born via c-section after 22 hours of labor on 02/27/08
    TTC Baby Rob #2 06/11 BFP 11/06/11 EDD 07/16/12 Natural M/C 11/25/11 @ 6w3d
    Baby Rob #2 (Sloane), in our hearts always.
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     BFP on Cycle 17 09/27/12. EDD 06/04/12! Please Stick Baby! A/S 01/22/13 Baby looking great. Officially TEAM BLUE! Jack is getting a Baby Brother! RCS scheduled for 05/29/13. William Daryll born at 9:59am on 05/29/13. Left ovary and tube removed due to peach sized tumor found during RCS. Pathology came back benign!

  • C/S 1 short story:
    I was induced at 40 weeks exactly with high blood pressure. I labored for 13 hours before they decided it was time to do a c/s. I never progressed past 3cm and she wasn't engaging or dropping at all. I already had an epi in so they just revved it up - I ended up being numb for a REALLY long time afterwards. She was born perfect at 9:06pm, 8lbs 4 oz and 21" long. (I think! My memory is bad haha!)

    C/S 2 short story:
    I went into PTL at 35 weeks and was put on bed rest and medication until 37 weeks. At 37s6d, I went into labor again. Labored in the hospital for about 4 hours before c/s prep started at 8pm. This time I had a spinal and it made me nauseated and shaky I didn't like it at all. I would go for an epi if there's a number 3. DD2 was born perfect at 8:56pm, 6lbs 15oz, 20" long. I hated my nurse because she made me keep the catheter in for 24 hours, where last time it came out once I could get up and moving. Talk about suck. 

    Both times the girls scored 8 and 9 on their APGARs (it's nearly impossible to get a 10 in Colorado) and were able to stay with me the whole time. I was able to leave the hospital a day early with #2 and both recoveries were pretty easy.  

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    Our family is complete!

  • So happy this board is here now....wish it was a few weeks earlier though.

    Our story: 

    LO was due July 28th & induction scheduled for August 4th.  Went in at 10am to start the process with my first gel.  I had lost my mucus plug at 5am that day so was hoping to be able to have my water broken but I was still closed and very high. After an hour of monitoring, I was sent home at noon to rest and return at 5:30 to see how everything was progressing.  

    At 5:30 we arrived and were monitored for a bit before the doctor arrived.  Upon check, I was only a fingertip dilated and still very high.  I had what I believed to be contractions starting, but they weren't what I had expected - they felt like I had to go to the bathroom very badly, but were coming in waves, so I believed them to be contractions.  I was set up on the monitor for another hour in which time no contractions were recorded.  My blood pressure was quite high (I had been medicated for the past 2 months due to hypertension, so this wasn't a big surprise) so they wanted to keep me for observation "because they didn't want me to have a stroke if they sent me home".  I stayed on the monitors for another 45 minutes or so until I could not take the cramping I was having and I asked to be unhooked so I could go to the bathroom.  When I went to sit up, my water broke.  The fluid was definitely not clear, so our LO had had a bowel movement inside.  I knew I was not going home.

    I was hooked up to IV as I was GBS+ shortly after (now about 9:30) and hung out in triage until they had an available room for me.  Around 12:30 I believe it was, I could not take the pain any longer.  I have no idea how far apart the contractions were as they seemed to be coming in clusters...nothing for a few minutes then 3 back to back which was why I could not take it any longer.  In came my hero and I had my epidural (the epidural was a piece of cake!). At some point I had my catheter placed and by 3am they started me on pitocin as my labour was not progressing enough on its own. By 7am, I was still around 4.5 cm dilated and by 11am I had only made it to 5cm when they made the call to head for c-section.  The baby was not moving down and the heartrate was showing signs of distress.  20 minutes later I was wheeled into the OR and at 11:44am on August 5th Parker Gordon was with us.  He had his cord around his neck and I heard one of the doctors say something about a "very large placenta" but I have no idea why my labour didn't progress, I can only guess the cord may have been a factor? 

    Everything went so quickly from the time we arrived Thursday afternoon to Parker's arrival late Friday morning and to Sunday afternoon when we were released from the hospital.  He is almost 4 weeks old now and it seems like so long ago and just the other day at the same time.  We are so thankful that he is perfectly healthy and my recovery was fairly smooth and easy (I guess).  

    I am still bleeding at 3w6d pp, my bum and tailbone are still occasionally numb from the epidural, my incision has healed, my belly is still numb from my belly button down and I have occasional tenderness/pain in the area, but otherwise think I'm doing well.

    Sorry this was so long, it is my first time detailing the events of 4 weeks ago.  I hope this may help anyone like me that wasn't expecting a c-section. 

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  • Short version:

    Joseph was due on 1/13/11, but decided sometime during the later part of the 3rd trimester to become frank breech. Nothing I did would turn him and he stubbornly stayed parked pretty much in the same position. I was assessed around 35 weeks to see if I could try an external version. OB said my fluid levels were borderline, so I went with my gut and declined the procedure.

    The plan was that LO was going to be delivered at 39 weeks, but my body had a different plan. For two days in a row, I was feeling very little movement, so on Wednesday, Dec. 22nd, I put in a call to my OB about my concerns and they took me right in. OB was concerned my amniotic fluid levels were too low and sent me to the hospital for NST and fetal biophysical profile. NST checked out normal and baby was healthy, but the u/s tech who did the profile said that my levels were dangerously low with only one small pocket of amniotic fluid by the baby's face and nowhere else.

    Thank goodness my husband was with me throughout the appointment and hospital testing because I was dressed ready to leave L&D when the nurse popped her head in at 1:50pm to tell me I was being admitted to deliver tonight. At 5:25pm, Joseph Michael was delivered breech presentation via c-section and weighed 5lbs, 9oz, 18.5 inches at 36 weeks, 6 days.

    I never went into labor nor experienced any contractions (not even Braxton Hicks contractions). Some people think I lucked out not going through the pains of labor, but I feel as if I missed out and failed. Either way, the end result was a healthy, but small, little boy who shares the exact same birthdate of my beloved late grandmother, Lillian.

    EDIT: We were both released to go home on Christmas Day which was the best present anyone could ask for and made it even more special.

    Joseph Michael - 12/22/2010
    5lbs 9 oz, 18.5 inches long
    6 months: 16lbs 15 oz, 27 inches long

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  • I was due on Thanksgiving day of last year but we welcomed our son a week and a half early through a planned c-section on November 18, 2010. He was breech until about 8 1/2 months and I also developed bells palsy at 6 months... THEN in the last two months he was measuring very large so my doctors just said: cesarean section it is!!

    I had no labor and welcomed Logan at 8:40am weighing in at a WHOPPING 10 pounds 8 ounces and 22 1/2inches long. ( DH is 6'9" so we knew he would be a big baby, just not that big lol)

    Sadly, when he was born I never heard any crying, no noise just complete silence and I knew something was wrong... He had trouble breathing and had aspirated the amniotic fluid and was rushed to the NICU III. I didn't get to see him for almost 9 hours beucase I couldn't get up there and they obviously couldn't bring him out of the NICU - it was pretty awful. The last thing I remember was being in the OR and they gave me something that knocked me out becuase I was panicking and really freaking out.

    But Logan made a FULL RECOVERY after a week in the NICU and we've had no problems since. :) A planned c-section was the easiest recovery ever, I was up and walking him around the neighborhood within about 2 weeks. I have no pain and my scar is so minimal I sometimes don't even notice it!!

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  • Short version:

    DD-went into labor, got to hospital and they started pitocin. 14 hours later I pushed for 2 hours with no success so we went in for a c/s. Miranda was 8 lbs 11 oz. 21.5 inches long

    DS-planned repeat c/s, mainly because I was terrified of going through labor and having to have a c/s anyway. Turns out he was breech so I would've had to have one. Brady was 9 lbs 1 oz 20 inches long.

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  • Induced at 10am on October 29, 2010.  Cervadil, pitocin, horrendous back labor, extremely high blood pressure, one hour of pushing, baby in distress, and c-section at 5pm October 30.

    Once was enough for me and I'll have a repeat c-section next time.  



  • My fist baby was a boy named jake...entered the world via c section b/c he was also breech!!
  • My water broke and contractions did not start on their own.  I was given pit and after 14 hours of induced contractions, I broke down and got the epidural.  I dilated to 8 cm but DD didn't want to come down and her head was in a bad position.  After 36 hours of active labor, we made the call to have a c/section.

    It was an awful experience for me.  I felt way more than I was supposed to, recovery was awful and I had incision issues for almost 6 months pp.  I honestly wasn't sure I wanted more children.  I am still hoping for a vbac this time but understand that a scheduled and controlled c/section will be a much different experience for me.  I still have a couple weeks to decide.

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  • Went in for  my 38 week appt and my first cervix check. He said there was no progress and just wanted to get an ultrasound to look at where the baby was. We discovered he was breech. The dr sat down and discussed our options of c-section, waiting a week or trying to turn him. We decided on a c-section. He mad a few phone calls right there in the room with us and out of his mouth came "What do ya'll think about this afternoon?" DH and I just looked at each other in shock. In no way were we ready to do it right then and there. We didnt have any of our stuff with us. Because we live an hour away from the hospital he knew we would have to drive home get our stuff and come back so the timing would have been bad. He couldnt get any real answers on a surgery time for us so he sent us to talk to a nurse while he tried to work us in. Finally they scheduled us for Monday Dec. 14. 

    My c-section was great. I had no pain during and wasnt even all that uncomfortable. The nurses kept asking if I was okay because I was so quiet. William (Liam) Robert was born at 5:05 screaming and healthy. The first thing I said was "He is so small." He was 6 pounds 7 ounces and almost 20 inches long. He was perfectly healthy. 

    Our hospital requires privacy for the mom, dad and baby for an hour after birth for bonding and to start the breastfeeding. We were all doing good but about 30 minutes after my family was let in I started feeling faint. I immediately told DH to call a nurse because I was going to faint. My DH didnt understand so I ended up pushing the button and calling the nurses in. The last thing I remember is my sister in law asking if I was okay. Next thing I know 3 nurses are standing over me with smelling salts, rushing everyone out of the room and checking my bleeding. Turns out I lost too much blood during surgery. My blood pressure was 58/35 but bounced back rather quickly. I ended up getting two bags of blood and had a 5 day stay in the hospital. I ended up also having the horrible gas pains they tell you about. I couldnt even hold my baby because the pain in my shoulder was so bad. I didnt sleep for 4 nights and didnt eat until the very last day. That made me vomit continuously.  

  • Began my induction for DS1 on June 11, Cervadil which slipped off and had to be re-started once, after the second cervadil my water broke and I labored until about noon on the 12th. After several attempts I received an epidural, then DS had decels as my contractions peaked. Decided to do an emergency c-section, and DS was born at 2:44 PM on the 12. DS was healthy and had no complications after my surgery, I however developed an infection in my incision and had to have wound vac therapy for about 8 weeks post-partum.

    I am currently planning a repeat c-section on October 3 for DS2, and have been working closely with my OB to take all possible measures to keep from having another infection. These measures include no induction of labor (Spontaneous labor will be dealt with in whatever way is healthiest, meaning I will be allowed to labor and deliver vaginally if there are not complications),using and cleaning up my previous incision (badly scarred from having the wound vac closure), No staples, only stitches, and pre-op testing and anesthesiology consult to get a special wash they give to surgery patients before their procedures to help prevent infection. 

    It seems to be a little overkill sometimes when I look at all of that, but at the same time I do not want to have an experience similar to the one I had with my first son.

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  • My birth story is so long (English teacher? Detail oriented? lol)

    Here is the short version:

    On Tuesday, April 5th, 2011, at 2:43 A.M., after 18 hours of labor, Elinor Catherine was born via C-section. The reason for the surgery was officially "failure to progress" or "stuck", as my OB put it. 

    Here is the link to the whole story with PsiP:


    Here is where it picks up and explains why a c-section was necessary:

    By 6:30 P.M., I was 6 cm. dilated and 90% effaced, but baby had moved back up to a -3 station. At this point, I decided I was going to ask for an epidural. I knew with 4 cm to go and baby so high up that labor could go on for many more hours, and while I was willing to labor as long as possible in order to have a vaginal delivery, my breathing was becoming ineffective. I was rocking and crying. While they were trying to hide it, I could tell my husband, sister-in-law, and nurse were becoming a bit stressed out as they watched me writhe in pain. At no time did any of them suggest I seek out pain relief. The decision was 100% my own and I was at peace with the decision.

    At 7:00 P.M., I received the epidural and within 20-30 minutes, I was completely relaxed (and so was my support team haha!)

    At 9:00 P.M., I was checked again. I was dilated 8-9 cm, my cervix was pretty much 100% effaced, but baby girl was still hanging out between a -2 and -3 station. Again, my OB mentioned the possibility of a C-section. In my mind, I had continued to repeat some of my favorite Hypnobirthing affirmations, and I reacted so calmly to the possibility that he kept asking my husband, ?Does she understand what I am telling her?? My husband assured him that I was fully aware of what was going on.

    My mother-in-law and sister-in-law called and asked if they could visit for a while, and since I?d had the epi, I said they could. They stayed until about 11:00 P.M.

    At 11:30 P.M., I was completely dilated and effaced, but baby was still not budging. My OB told me that he really wanted me to be able to deliver vaginally, and he told me to push for the next hour or so and then the nurse would call him with my progress. Over the next hour and a half, I breathed and pushed to no avail. Baby girl was not moving down much.

    At 1 A.M., my OB stopped by and told me that she seemed to move down ?a little bit?, so he was going to give me another hour before we would make any final decisions.

    At 2 A.M., not only had she not moved down, but she moved back up some. We discussed the C-section, and I decided to consent. Just as when I consented to the epidural, I was completely at peace with the decision. I continued to use Hypnobirthing breathing and relaxation techniques to keep me calm and focused.  I truly HAD set all fear aside, and I was completely prepared for the birth of my baby.

    At 2:43 A.M. on April 5th, 2011, Elinor Catherine was born via C

    -section. She was 9 lbs, 2 oz, and 21 inches of absolute perfection.  She has dark hair, her Daddy?s eyes, her Mommy?s nose, and the cutest dimples in her chubby cheeks and chin that I have ever seen. 

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Mine's in my blog that I haven't updated in forever. Link

    Basically, he was stuck after 14 hours of not progressing (during an induction for fear of his size).  Doc always thought he would be big, and he came out at 11lb, 2.6oz. Yeah.

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  • I reluctantly had a scheduled c-section on August 11th. I was 40w3d and my OB kept encouraging me to have a c-section due to the baby's size. I was 0 cm dilated and DS wouldn't engage.

    Little did I know I made the right decision. DS would never have come out because his shoulders were too big to pass through naturally. He was born 9lbs 4 oz. I had the best experience. No complications and so far my recovery has been wonderful

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  • I had a horrible c/s. I went into labor on my own at 40w5d. They broke my water at 8 am, epidural and pitocin to get me going at 11a, and stalled at 8cm. Em was sunny side up and in my hip. I felt my entire c/s and it was the worst thing ever. I had to be sedated and remember coming around when they brought me my baby girl in recovery. I labored 24 hours. She was born May 30, 2011 at 9:58 pm weighing 7lbs 4 oz and a short 18.5". 
  • Short Version:


    Had back labor for 24 hours, pushed for 3 hours, sent in for an emergency C/S due to cord issues. DD was tangled in the cord (wrapper twice around neck, leg and arm). Born at 41 weeks, 7 lb 3 oz 19 inches.

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  • Abbreviated version -

    I went in for my routine 37 week appointment and after having a quick u/s for lack of fetal movement they determined the baby was breech.  LO had been breech through much of my pregnancy but I was told at my previous 2 appointments that the baby had turned.  Not quite.

    My OB hooked me up to monitors just to be on the safe side since I wasn't feeling the baby a whole lot.  From there they were able to determine that I was contracting regularly and a quick internal showed that I was 2 cm dilated.

    I was sent to the hospital ASAP because I was progressing pretty rapidly on my own and they were worried that my water would break and the cord would prolapse.

    I had a wonderful experience from beginning to end despite feeling really nervous at how fast everything went down.

    bumping from my phone. please pardon any typos and missing punctuation
  • Short Version:

    On 8/9/10 I was induced at 41w1d. After 23 hours and only progressing to 3cm 80% effaced my doctor said that we should do a c-section because of the failure to progress. It turns out DD had moved so I wouldn't have been able to have her naturally anyway.

  • Here is my birth story...

    Short version - Had a planned c/s due to breech position scheduled for 39wk 2dys, but LO had other plans and my water broke 2 days prior.

  • Hello everyone! Wish this board was here before I ended up with a c-section :) But now I can share my story...

    Click on my blog link below and there are 2 tabs at the beginning that say "Our birth story" (part 1 and 2). That's our story!

  • DS was breech for pretty much the entire pregnancy.  We tried a version, but it was unsuccessful.  We scheduled the CS for 39w1d.  I was a basket case for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, because I was terrified of the surgery.

    Matthew was 6lbs 7oz at birth.  He had a bit of trouble regulating his body temperature and blood sugar, but didn't have to spend any time in the nursery.  My OB had a hard time getting him out, since his head was wedged tightly under my ribcage.  When M's lower half was out (and his upper half still inside), he peed all over my OB.  I got to hold and nurse him about an hour after the surgery. 

    Recovery was slow.  I didn't have any complications, but I felt terrible for about 6.5 weeks.  Also, my lady bits were totally numb for about 2 months, and didn't regain full feeling until about 6 months PP.  I definitely want to try for a  VBAC with #2.

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  • To make a 5 day hospital stay short:

    Out of the blue induced for preeclampsie and high blood pressure at 37wks 2 days. Induction went well. I was in labor for 30 hours(hard labor 14 hours) and then pushed for 3 hours. I got DS to the point of almost crowning and then he stopped. We tried with a vacuum but he didn't budge and so I was told that I have no choice to hav a c/s and that we needed to get him out. They flew me down the hall administering drugs, shoved my son back into my uterus, and then did test pricks to make sure I was numb. Unfortunately, I didn't numb properly and they had to knock me out. My son was born at 2:55am on February 5th, 6lbs 4 oz, 18.5 in. He was sent to the NICU after being born due to not being responsive and needing to be resuscitated. I met him 3 hours later.

    I was later diagnosed with cephalic disproportion and was told I cannot vaginally deliver any children.

    Recovery was horribly since I was recovering from a vaginal delivery with a tear and a c/s.

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