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Dear DD - please stop humping stuff

OMG - DD likes to hump her blanket before she goes to bed.  And sometimes my arm - no thank you!

I know its normal, natural, etc. but OMG - stop it!!

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Re: Dear DD - please stop humping stuff

  • You are hilarious.  My younger DD does that sometimes and it drives me insane!


  • Yeah I'd have a pretty tough time with the arm one too.  It makes me think of having to explain to each of my boys that I don't kiss their penis when it gets hurt, they thought I was such a meanie, lol.
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  • My issue is, Dear DS, please stop playing with yourself and peeing out of your diaper every night.  UGH!  I am 95% sure the diapers leak because the penis is pointed out.  Haha.  I want to put him in a 24 month onesie, but it just seems mean.  This is the stuff I NEVER thought about before becoming a mom. 
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  • DD1 has done something similar since she was 6 months old. She only does it when she's tired and ready to sleep.
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