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Gift Ideas/Visiting a Pregnant Sister...?


I'm not usually on this board (H and I are childless by choice) but I'm hoping you wise women can share some advice.

My sister is married with two children (girl, 5; boy 3) and one on the way (due date 9/11 - she's close).  H and I are going to spend this coming weekend with them (we live in NorCal, they're down in SoCal, so we drive down occasionally/rarely and we'd rather go now than for the Bris as it'll be crazy with relatives/friends/random neighbors then anyway). She's fine with our being there as she knows our goal is to help her in whatever way she needs.

We don't like coming empty-handed, and so we need any advice or input on gifts for her son (3yo) and her husband. We'd like to stay within a decent budget (not cheap-o but not I Just Won The Lottery, either).

We are getting the daughter (5yo) a ladybug backpack (if we can find one - apparently Toys R Us only has them online. Any tips? If I order it online, how fast will it be delivered?) with a couple of easy to read books (again, any tips?), and I got my sister a bunch of products at Lush (bath bomb, lotions, etc).

Any other ideas? Inputs? I'd appreciate any thoughts you have to share.

Re: Gift Ideas/Visiting a Pregnant Sister...?

  • Kidorable also has a ladybug line:

     I am also seeing some ladybug backpacks with free shipping on (I typed in ladybug backpack and a couple came up)

    I think it's great you are bringing her stuff.  I'd say something like food or something so that she doesn't have to worry about cooking, but that is tough because you are traveling.  For the 3 year old, I would try stuff like crafts - not messy.. coloring books maybe, also we love sticker mosaics (look on - "orb mosaics" or "alex mosaic" - I also buy them at Michael's, or I've seen one at Hobby Lobby).

    Is the girl going to start kindergarden?  Is the boy just starting preschool?  You may want to get him a backpack too.. you know, sibling rivalry and all :)

  • I've learned with siblings that matching stuff is great.  My 2 yo's wanted a back pack when I got my 3 yo one for school a couple of months ago.

    Dante Beatrix makes a cute cute ladybug backpack:

     and you can get a coordinating one for the little guy.  Here is a cute teddy bear one: 

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