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Halloween decorations

When do you plan on starting to put out Halloween stuff?

I see so much of it at stores already!  And we have SO much we bought on clearance last year.  I think last year DD was so excited, we put stuff out October 1.  The regular/general "fall" themed stuff, maybe a little earlier (mid Sept).  Just wondering what your plans are.

The trees are already changing colors/losing leaves here :(  (Upstate NY)

Re: Halloween decorations

  • I probably won't put out Halloween items until Oct. 1st.  Fall stuff may go out before then, depends on if it's still warm out or not.  I feel weird putting fall stuff out when it's still warm out.
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  • I would say October 1st.

    I am probably the only crazy mom that already bought DS's costume at the beginning of August this year!

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  • If I waited for it to cool off and seem like fall, we wouldn't get anything out until Christmas! I will probably shoot for mid-October for Halloween stuff.
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  • My best friend has something called a Halloween Extravaganza.  October 1st she has this huge party (here is a link to her blog if you are curious: http://involuntarysmiles.blogspot.com/2010/10/annual-october-extravaganza.html)

    We don't live near each other so she convinced me to do the same.  So since I'm having probably 30 or 40 people at my house on October 1st I will probably start decorating the last week or so of September.

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  • I agree - prob Oct 1st. I am very excited for Halloween this year for some odd reason...

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  • Halloween specific? No more than a week beforehand. So tacky to have it out weeks in advance, IMO. I will decorate for Fall in late September.
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