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Initial Bloodwork is Back... TSH is high - Should I be worried?

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I got the results of my blood work done at 5W.  I'm now 7W (I was away for a while).  My TSH was 6.0.  The nurse that I spoke to did not seem concerned about it but after doing some reading about thyroid levels in the first trimester I am concerned.  Should I go see my doctor now to question the issue or wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks?  Given the importance of this trimester and the potential effects of low thyroid levels I really don't want to take a chance.



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Re: Initial Bloodwork is Back... TSH is high - Should I be worried?

  • I have low thyroid, and my Dr wants my levels during pregnancy to be under 2. At my last blood draw, I was uber close to being at 2, but wasn't yet. I have a standing order to get my blood checked once a month.

    I would talk to your Dr about it. He may decide to do something about it.

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  • I would get it checked out.  Your level while pregnant should be between .5 and 2.5.
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  • I'd call now.  My OB/GYN said the normal pregnancy range is between 1 and 4.  It's when you get outside of that (though they prefer you hyper over hypo) that they worry.  My endocrinologist prefers to keep pregnant patients between 1 and 2.  GL.
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  • I would call the nurse and tell her your concerns. I bet your doc could call in Synthroid for you and then recheck your levels in 4-6 weeks. I just got my TSH analysis back today and it was a 12! My doc immediately called in a higher dose for me to start taking asap. I take Synthroid already and was just checked a few weeks ago before my bfp and all was normal so I'm a little freaked out myself. Just will feel better! 

  • Mine started at a 1.6 four weeks ago and it is now up to a 7.6! My doctor wants to be be no higher than a 2.5. She said it should not have changed so suddenly but then I told her I had gotten my Rx filled with an online Pharmacy instead of my regular Rite-Aid. She said even though it is the same dosage it could be that the online company's generic is a little different. In fact the pill even looks different. Kind of scary but glad I am being monitored so closely. My doctor increased my dosage and called it into my original pharmacy.

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