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Anyone else on prometrium?

If you are also on prometruim supps or progesterone, do you feel sick as it comes time for your next dose?  I am trying to figure out if this is a s/e or just plain nausea.

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Re: Anyone else on prometrium?

  • Hmm, I never thought about this...but I take it at night before bed, and I'm pretty sure I'm really supposed to take it 2x per day 12 hours apart, but I never remember to...  And I usually feel the most sick in the late evening/night.  I have no idea if it's a s/e, but it's a good thought...

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  • I take my supp at night and I do feel really nauseous before bed.  I hadn't thought about it being a side effect because I also feel nauseous in the mornings.  I am counting down the days til I can stop the supps though!
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  • I am counting down the days too.  I don't know about you, but it seems less like a chore now that I am pg, than when it was just in the 2ww.  I also take them 2 times a day....can't wait until mid August!

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  • I am currently taking (or should i say getting) Progesterone in Oil Injections every night (DHs job as I can not stab myself with a giant needle) due to IVF.  I have not felt anything but pain.  However, I may be switching to crinone (progesterone gel suppository) soon.  Hopefully the crinone wont cause any other side effects.  How long do you have to stay on the prometrium?
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  • I'm on progesterone supps twice a day, and I don't have any s/e from them.  They are just so gross...can't wait to be done.

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  • I take prometrium orally 2x per day.  I haven't experienced any side effects.
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  • Yes, I am on it. I HATE IT. It makes me sooooooo tired and I do believe that it contributes to making my m/s worse. The one day I forgot to take it in the AM, my m/s was not as bad as it normally is. I can't wait for the first trimester to be over so I can stop taking it.
  • Hi Clucky!  ::gently tackle hugs Clucky::

    I am on Progesterone supps 1x/day but always take it right before I go to sleep.  Maybe that will help?  I have been on them since my IUI my haven't found nausea to be a s/e. 

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  • Are you taking them orally or vaginally?  I'm doing them vag, and I haven't really noticed any side effects other than messiness.  However, I was on oral prometrium last cycle to induce a period, and I definitely felt nauseated and dizzy after taking them.
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  • I'm on endometrium - vaginal supplements 3x times a day. I have no s/e, however, I have heard that the supplements mimic pregancy symptoms so it is hard to tell.
  • I take them vaginally.  I take them at 9:30/9:30.  The day time one I don't feel so bad before, but the evening dose I typically feel a bit more nauseous before...maybe I have the m/s that is everything but in the am. Hmm

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