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Restaurant recs near Hill

We'll be spending a few days in St. Louis soon and was wondering if anyone could suggest their favorite restaurant in The Hill.  We'll be staying near Forest Park and would love to head over there for some good Italian food.  Preferably something with vegetarian options and that's kids friendly as we have two young children. 

I've browsed Urban Spoon and the like, but figured the locals would have the best suggestions of where to head.  I'm open to suggestions in other parts of town too.  Thanks!

Re: Restaurant recs near Hill

  • Rigazzi's is a great Italian restaurant- we had our rehearsal dinner there. Cunnetto's is also yummy but there always seems to be a super long wait. Zia's is another good one. Have fun- St. Louis is a fun town!
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    I also love Zia's and Gian Tony's is good too.  Brazie's is a great italian restaurant that is not quite in the hill but is my favorite. 
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  • Thanks for the suggestions!
  • MJCFMJCF member

    If you'll be there for lunch you have to go to Adriana's.  Its my favorite.  Everything is really good there but I always get the Penne Pasta topped with Tomato Basil Sauce and a house salad.  YUMMM!  Its extremely kid friendly.  It will get busy around lunch time and its not unusual to see a line, sometimes to and out the door, but if you have a little time don't let that bother you because it goes pretty quickly.

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  • My vote is for Cunettos too!! Enjoy :)
  • I think Cunetto's is probably the best, but it's a bit fancier so for kid-friendly I'd recommend Rigazzi's or Favaza's, both delicious as well but feels a little more family, especially Rigazzi's. Enjoy!
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  • Zia's is great. Favazza's is yummy, too. Check out the Central West End. The Cup has yummy cupcakes and Coffee Cartel is open 24/7 and has coffee, ice cream and other good things.
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  • Cunetto's is a must. Very good and affordable.
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