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if you're BFing past 1 year

As DS's first birthday approaches, I am constantly being asked by family and friends when I am going to wean him.  Why they are so concerned and why they think that's an appropriate question is beyond me.  I'm sure they don't actually want to hear my BFing philosophy and the details of our weaning process, and I just want to tell them to mind their own business!  How do you extended BFing ladies respond to people like this?   

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Re: if you're BFing past 1 year

  • my DD is 9 months old but we get the question a lot.  When some asks I simply say, Oh until she is 2 years old or so.  That usually shuts them up.  If it doesn't, or they have a horrified look on their face I say, Oh don't you know that the WHO recommends 2+ years?  It's truly the gold standard now.
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    So far I've just told people that I plan to quit pumping at one year (can't wait - it's the end of the school year and I'll be home for the summer!) and beyond that, I'll let him decide when he's ready.  I can tell that some people think it's weird that I plan to continue, but they never say anything, and I don't care if they think it's weird. =)

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  • I say "Oh Know! Is she turning into a baby calf?? I hoped this wouldn't happen I was hoping she could stay on human milk.... but if she is a calf she will have to give cow's milk!!"

    Most people leave me alone because I am loaded with annoying comments like that... another good one is "Well I was planning on nursing her through college... you know the brighter brains thing..."

    Although facts are great most people who make comments are usually attached to some myth, some get educated (like the ones who ask out of curiosity) and some get told not to ask (the ones who ask like its gross) 


    here is some links that are great:





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  • With DS 1 I just told them we'd stop when DS was ready. By the time 6 more months rolled around the questions really stopped. When he was two the only person who asked how much longer was DH and that really bothered me but I gave him the same answer - when DS was ready. In the end DS self weaned at 26 months.
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  • No one asks anymore since I'm on #2. With DD1 I always replied that I was going to let her wean or I was planning on nursing at least 2 years. As soon as she was no longer nursing during the day, the questions stopped. I don't think many people know she nursed just past 3 years.
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