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**shaking my head (Work related)

I work for an insurance company that handles liability and workers comp. claims. Some of the claims I have seen today:

1. A teacher took a kid's iPod & misplaced it so the child's parents are suing the school. (Why did the child have the iPod there & out where the teacher could take it??)

2. A child was running on a blacktop surface, fell, and broke their arm & the parents are suing the school district. (Falls happen!)

3. Student vandalized a teacher's car (What is that student learning?)

Re: **shaking my head (Work related)

  • I overheard a girl in city hall this week wanting the city to fix her car because she ran over a piece of metal in the road and it damaged her car.
  • Yeah, I have seen a few like that too.

    My absolute favorite was a lady was drunk and was walking home from a bar. She tripped and fell on the side of the road and was suing the city.

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  • Good luck to them on that first one.  If the school has a no tolerance policy, it was in the teacher's rights to take it and not give it back.  Usually kids aren't supposed to bring any electronics to school, including cellphones and iPods. 


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