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breastflow bottles?

Does anyone know how the breastflow bottles are? I read about them on and they sound great but I want some actual reviews from seasoned mothers or those who know about them. Do yall recommend these bottles?
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Re: breastflow bottles?

  • Are these the ones?

    We sell them at the store that I work at and I've heard lots of good stuff about them.  I didn't know about them when DD was a babe so I have not used them.

    We often recommend them if a babe won't take any other bottle.  My boss is a lactation consultant as well as a store owner and brought them into the (her) store after a lot of research, so I would expect them to be a quality product.  She is quite a "lactivist" so any bottle feeding gear is very carefully researched before being allowed into the store.

    We have a hard time keeping them on the shelf as they are very popular.

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  • I used them for a year with my dd, it was the only bottle she would take after trying 6-7 other bottles. They worked well for us. At the time no where around us stocked them so I had to order them, now Babies r us and target carries them. It will be the first bottle I introduce this time.
  • When I was nursing DD but had to go back to work these were the only bottles she would take. I plan on using them again this time around.

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  • Thank You every one for the feed back I think I want to get some of these because I plan on breastfeeding as long as possible and when I go back to work my husband is going to stay at home with our son.
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