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Do you buy LO "holiday" clothes?

There is No.Good.Reason for me to buy DS a Valentine's onesie.  None.  I don't even like Valentine's Day!  (DH and I have never "recognized it.")  But don't kids just make everything more fun??!!! 

I mean, sure, once he's in school and they have class "parties" or whatever, that might make sense.  But now (when he'll just be in daycare all day)?  It's just for my amusement Big Smile  (As were his Christmas outfits.  And as will be the birthday outfit I'm already searching for!)

Re: Do you buy LO "holiday" clothes?

  • I bought a Halloween t-shirt and a couple of Christmas-y outfits, but I doubt I'll do anything for smaller holidays--V-Day, St Patrick's Day, etc. 
  • Yep. 

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  • Nope. DS had a turkey bib for TG but that was a gift from my mom. I'll probably get him a 1st birthday bib or onesie but that's it. If it's not functional for every day, then I'm not likely to buy it:)
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  • Yep, for every holiday.  I even have a NB sized Valentine's outfit for the new baby.

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  • I do.  My husband totally doesn't get it (his parents never got him dress clothes for Christmas, Easter, etc.) but I always had a nice dress for holidays.  My family buys a lot of the special stuff (bibs, onsies, shirts) but I already have Easter clothes for them and stuff for them to wear at their birthday party (Tempe has two outfits already Wink ).
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  • I bought all the holiday "1sts" onsies, I even forgot I got a first thanksgiving one until I stumbled on it at Christmas. I am not to keen on what I have seen for V day shirts, but if I saw one I loved I would get it, but I doubt i will since u am not looking for it.
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  • I have something for every holiday!  He now has two valentine's day shirts but I don't see any reason why he can't wear them all of the time-one says I love mommy and the other says Mommy's love bandit.  There is no actual mention of Valentine's day on them.  His St. Patty's day shirts say Kiss me, I'm Irish and Mom's Lucky Charm.

    His Valentine's day bib along with the turkey bib will only be worn on the day since they are more specific. 

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  • I do but only because it is fun and I only have a couple of years to "dress him up" so to say. He will probably hate the pics when he is older. LOL!
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  • image mrsolsenk12:
    I do but only because it is fun and I only have a couple of years to "dress him up" so to say. He will probably hate the pics when he is older. LOL!

    I know!  Especially with a boy, I feel like I'm on "borrowed time" when it comes to stuff like this  :) 

  • Totally. I think they're cute. He had a valentine's day onesie last year, and has a shirt this year (was on clearance at Gymboree, says "eligible bachelor" haha.
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  • I am the queen of holiday shirts! People look at work/daycare look forward to seeing Jack's holiday shirts. They have already started to bust me about his valentine's shirts. I know it's crazy because he is only going to wear them once but it's his first year of holidays. I don't know if I will be this way next year.
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  • I bought K some Halloween shirts that she wore to daycare the week leading up to Halloween. Same for Christmas. But the smaller holidays I probably won't.

    I'm planning to dress her in red on V-day.

    I'm still a little miffed that I could only get a few uses out of the birthday shirts I bought her. Ha!

  • I bought a halloween onesie that said "Boo".  She still wears it.  lol.  

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  • Christmas and Halloween for sure, but just fun shirts from Carter's. But she wore them throughout Oct./Dec., not just on the holiday.

    I just bought her an "I love my daddy" shirt, which was being sold for Valentine's Day, but she could wear it anytime really. I'm going to put it on her for DH's birthday next week.

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  • If they sell it DS has it.  Three V-day shirts, t's to wear with long sleeves under, three St. P's shirts and more Halloween than I should mention.  We buy cheap seasonal at Old Navy or hit the clearance for the next year from other stores.  DS even has holiday underwear and bedding/ bath.  I like for him to be festive.
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