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what sound machine do you use?

I have heard that a lot of you ladies use these for you each of your children's rooms.  can you tell me which one you use if you like it.  Also do I still need one even if I have a little fan in dd room or is this just way lounder and better? thanks!
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Re: what sound machine do you use?

  • I have a fan in each kid's room and a sound machine.  One is a clock w/ nature sounds and the other is from BB and Beyond- not sure of brand but it's got several nature sounds too.  the more noise they are used to while sleeping, the better in this house!!
  • I bought each of the LO's the Homedics - we have 2 of the spa ones (with the projector) and one regular in my 2.5 year olds room.
  • We have the Homedics Lullaby Sound machine. We leave it on the ocean sound all night for both boys. I bought them on Amazon.
  • Homedics Sound Spa.  It's the same as the lullaby one, but no projection.  I heard over and over the projection stops working, so we got a projection mobile and the basic sound spa. 



  • We use the sleep sheep by Cloud B...love it and we just have the portable one so its easy to use when your traveling.  I love it because I think it brings something familiar with them when dd has to sleep elsewhere.
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