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How to clean Ugg boots?

I have a pair of Ugg boots.  not the typical "classic" ones. Mine are a little smoother.  I couldn't find the exact boot, but the material is like this:

I tried wiping them with water and it seemed like the colour was coming off on the cloth.  It looks liek a drink dripped on them or something.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to clean them, outside of buying the official Ugg cleaner.

Thanks :)


Re: How to clean Ugg boots?

  • Unfortunately, you may be doomed. Cleaning raw suede-type leather is very difficult if you have not scotch-guarded it.  When the color is being removed, it is the dye is being released.  

    The official Ugg cleaner may be your best bet.   

  • I did protect them.. but I am wondering if I didn't put enough on :(  thanks for your reply. I might just have to buy the ugg cleaner
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  • I am not sure about just a drink spilt, but I managed to drip hot grease on mine the other night, and put some corn meal on it to absorb the grease (we were looking for corn starch, but none to be found at the house).  It worked.  I can't see the spot anymore.  Good Luck!

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  • Easy! Just go to this website, type in your address, and they will tell you the closest location you can drop them off at.

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