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As my due date is quickly approaching, we are going to have to make a few decisions regarding me having a VBAC vs. repeat C.  I had my 40 week apt today and I am 2-3cm (farther than I ever was with my DD).  I go back on Tuesday for another check and am hoping that I go on my own by next week.  But if I don't, here are my options:

-  Schedule a C-section for Friday

-  Have my fluids/baby checked on Friday and push a C-section to Monday (then I would be in the hospital for my DD's 2nd birthday and their birthdays would be 2 days apart.

- Possibly have my water broken and see if I progress on my own.  This is appealing but also scary to me since I was induced with DD and ended in a C-section.

Just trying to get different points of view.  My DH is on-board with whatever I decide, I think he is starting to get anxious to meet this littler girl (and so am I).



  • If it wasn't for your daughter's birthday, I'd just wait longer and go as long as your doctor will let you without scheduling.  It's her 2nd birthday, so she won't realize it, though.  You can always do a special celebration a few days before or after so she has her special day. 
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  • The current research I've read says that your chance of a successful VBAC go down after 40 weeks, so my dr. will induce me if I don't go on my own before that point. If I were you, I would probably choose to have your water broken since you're already dilated more than you were with your DD. 
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  • I don't think I would be comfortable with having my water broken for a couple reasons.  First, then you are on their timeline and that makes me nervous.  Second, if baby isn't positioned properly then it can be really hard for her to reposition if your water has been broken.

    I have not read anything that says that the chance of VBAC is lower after 40 weeks (as long as you go into labor naturally--the chance of vaginal delivery period is lower if you are induced).  Honestly, I think I would wait until 42 weeks to do anything and even then I don't know that I would do anything.

    You can also try more natural ways to get labor going like lots of walking, sex, nipple stimulation, certain foods (pineapple, basil, oregano, etc).

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  • I'd try to wait it out until around 42w and do NSTs.  Breaking the water gets me nervous too b/c I feel like that may have been one reason I had a c/s with DS (broke it after 7 cm, but never felt pressure even though my bag was bulging when I came in at 5 cm). 

    To the pp, it's suspected the reason VBACs are not as successful after 40w is b/c of interventions and inductions, so it really messes up the numbers.

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  • i would just wait. i wouldn't break my water or schedule a c-section. I would try doing as much natural induction as possible. As for the birthday, she is still so young that I don't think it is a big deal unless you make it one. What if they are born on the same day or just a day or two apart anyway? You can make it something special for all of you that day.

    Stick to your guns on the vbac. You have come this far to give up now.

    Lots of thoughts and prayers your way.

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  • I'd play the waiting game. 2-3 cm is sounding really good.

    Sex it up


    Visualize going into labor and baby pushing on cervix, 

    Tell Baby and yourself that you're ready to meet baby - kinda cheesy but the brain works in mysterious ways. 


    Jumping Jacks


    Maybe the castor oil

     I wouldn't break my water b/c I think that's what led to the fetal distress I experienced with my first c/s.

  • I'm in a similiar situation - my EDD is 1/23 and DD's 2nd birthday is 1/29.  I agonized over what to do because of the dates being so close together, but if I miss DD's birthday or they have birthdays so close together - so be it.  Like PPs have said, she is only 2 and won't remember it, and as long as we do some special day for her, she won't know that it's not really her birthday.  And if their birthdays are going to be close together anyway, does a day or two or even the same day really matter?  I'm going to wait it out and see what my body does. 
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  • FWIW I have a good friend who's birthday is the same as his brothers, 2 years apart, and they grew up thinking it was totally awesome. Not to mention twins share birthdays all the time. ;) DH is a twin. Don't stress the birthday thing.

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